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The Challenge

Across the B2B landscape, close to 70% of organizations have successfully defined their sales and marketing process. What drives these processes to reach their desired efficacy? Data.

In 2016, DataBank IMX was looking for a solution to help its sales organization prospect better. The primary need? The lifeblood of any sales process: Accurate and updated contact and account data. After evaluating the marketplace, DataBank IMX selected ZoomInfo as its primary B2B data provider.

In the beginning stages of the partnership, DataBank IMX purchased licenses to ZoomInfo for its sales representatives. Over time, the organization had established itself as an industry leader – and after acquiring five organizations, it became clear that they would need to invest in a robust database management strategy.

Growing pains are synonymous with B2B acquisitions. An immediate priority for DataBank IMX was merging each subsidiary’s CRM system. This is no easy feat. Maintaining just one database presents an array of challenges for B2B organizations. Even with an effective data management process in place, erosion within existing records, combined with incoming information yielded from ongoing activities, can derail a CRM’s functionality.

Now, take that problem and multiply it by six. The consolidation process sparked a number of problems for DataBank IMX. The database now contained duplicate records, missing information, and outdated data – acting as a roadblock to creating a single source of truth for the organization.

What did this mean for the sales team? DataBank IMX needed a new data management strategy – fast.

The Solution

“The first step to combining data sets between our organizations was to understand what’s valuable and what’s not,” John Pellegrino, Sales Development Manager at DataBank IMX, explained.

“It was no secret that ZoomInfo had demonstrated so much value in its ability to support our sales organization. We had no doubt its Enrich solution had the coverage we needed to alleviate pain points to getting our combined CRM off the ground.”

DataBank IMX used ZoomInfo Enrich to kick-start its data cleansing process. Almost immediately, DataBank IMX saw a major shift in its database records. For example, its team was able to avoid the “garbage in, garbage out” trap that plagues most CRMs by identifying over 15% of the contacts that were no longer usable records due to job turnover.

Even better, beyond the initial cleanse, ZoomInfo Enrich was able to append key data points to empower leadership at DataBank IMX to be more strategic and agile within their sales process and territory management. Case in point: Not only did Enrich match to 96% of DataBank IMX’s lead database, it was able to return industry data on 94% of that universe.

This boost quickly helped the company pivot its sales territory distribution from a geo-based approach to a one based on verticals.

“With ZoomInfo, we noticed an immediate difference in our information because the data was more accurate,” Pellegrino said. “And it was easy for our reps to confidently navigate the platform without fear of stepping on one another’s toes.”

The Results

With better defined territories and a 360-degree view of the newly combined organization, ZoomInfo Enrich put Databank IMX’s sales team in position to attack its total addressable market efficiently and effectively.

“With the direct dial phone numbers that ZoomInfo provides in its platform, my team’s collective call-to-connect rate has surged to 85% – more than double what we had prior to our partnership,” Pellegrino said. “And these aren’t just vanity metrics; my sales team is consistently having valuable, vetted conversations. We now have more information on our target companies, enabling our reps to have the right conversations with the right stakeholders. Bottom line: We have doubled the number of qualified meetings set as a sales organization.”

Data management is never easy. But with ZoomInfo Enrich, DataBank IMX not only expedited the project timeline of its complex CRM consolidation– it enabled Pellegrino’s sales team to continue to push the organization forward by doing what it does best: selling.

We now have more information on our target companies, enabling our reps to have the right conversations with the right stakeholders. Bottom line: We have doubled the number of qualified meetings set as a sales organization.

John Pellegrino,
Sales Development Manager, DataBank IMX

“Back in 2016, we found a reliable partner to maximize sales performance and exceed growth expectations,” he explained. “As we’ve evolved, it’s clear ZoomInfo has, too — which is evidenced by ZoomInfo Enrich’s ability to transform the challenge of data management into an asset that supports sales and marketing every step of the way.”

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