Turn your website into a digital storefront.

Route more qualified leads to your sales team with ZoomInfo Chat — a data-powered chat tool that’s tech-stack friendly, easy to use, and developed to accelerate sales pipeline.


See who is on your website

Bring your reps in front of your high-valued visitors

Convert a conversation into a meeting with the click of a button

Trigger tailored chat experiences.


Accelerate primed to buy leads to the finish line.

Get instant alerts when ideal leads or existing customers are on your website, then kick off the conversation from your favorite collaboration channel.

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Bring intelligence to the conversation.

Steer the conversation based on what they are looking for. Leverage Intent signals and company news to drive conversations, and attributes like annual revenue, company size, and location to route leads.

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Secure the meeting.

Automated meeting and demo scheduler speed up the sales cycles allowing you or your chatbot to engage prospects—on the fly.

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"Compared to our previous vendor, we’re seeing 30% more engagement with ZoomInfo Chat.

ZoomInfo Chat checked all our boxes. With plug-and-play integrations, real-time insights, an easy-to-use conversation builder, and a live meeting scheduler, it was like we had struck gold. Not to mention, it’s fueled by ZoomInfo’s deep insights and data coverage."

Alex Weihmann
Alex Weihmann

Marketing Manager


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Get Answers: Conversational Sales & Marketing FAQs

What is a conversational marketing platform?

A conversational marketing platform is software that allows you to talk to prospective leads on social media or when they visit your website. This is a critical time to get your prospects’ attention.

Conversational marketing software and conversational sales software create an instant connection between your business and your potential buyers at the exact time they’re the most interested — when they’ve intentionally visited your website. 

Live chat platforms allow you to answer questions or guide your prospects to your latest product launches and timely offers — all in real time. 

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What is an example of conversational marketing?

Examples of conversational marketing include chatbots with pre-populated answers to frequently asked questions. 

Conversational marketing also comes in the form of sales chatbots that can complete a transaction or book an appointment. 

Businesses can also leverage a live chat component to connect sales or support staff with prospects one-on-one. 

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What are the benefits of conversational marketing?

One of the biggest benefits of conversational marketing platforms is the ability to engage potential customers in real time, earlier in the buying process. 

This allows you to shorten your sales cycle, increase close rates and prioritize the customer experience. 

Instead of asking your prospects to fill out forms or make a phone call, you can engage them with personalized communication in real time and on their timeline.

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How do chatbots help sales?

Chatbots help sales by showing you who is on your website, qualifying your potential customers, and connecting them to your sales reps right away. 

Chatbots can save your potential customers time by answering questions, guiding them to the right solutions, and even booking meetings. 

By automating some of these motions, chatbots make your sales team more efficient. This allows your sales reps to focus more on relationship-building and less on administrative tasks. 

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