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Accelerate pipeline with a next-generation sales chatbot.

Accelerate lead qualification and pipeline with a data-driven AI chatbot for sales that brings intelligence to conversational strategies.


Level up your sales chatbot based on visitor intelligence

Tailor experiences based on when and how visitors engage

Run A/B test messaging strategies

Chat was then. This is now.

Build automated conversations

Not all traffic is created equal. Our chatflow builder helps your team develop personalized experiences for website visitors who aren’t quite ready to connect with your sales team.

  • Interactive & dynamic: Set up preset responses to help guide the conversation or surface relevant content. When the time is right, prompt visitors to fill out a form directly within the chat or connect them to a live agent.

  • Scale messaging: Apply specific flows to universal conversations happening across your chat experience, such as booking a meeting, qualifying a lead, enrolling a visitor in an upcoming webinar, creating a support ticket and so much more.


Personalize experiences for different audience segments

Customize your chat experience across your website based who the visitor is, how they engage, and when that engagement takes place.

  • Who they are

    Who they are

    Roll out the red carpet and engage prospects and customers using data from your CRM or marketing automation platform. Engage unknown visitors based on firmographic information from ZoomInfo.

  • How they engage

    How they engage

    Set behavioral conditions that tailor the chat experience based on how visitors engage with your website. Customize messaging based on everything from pages visited to elements clicked, forms submitted, and even how much time spent on the site.

  • When engagement happens

    When engagement happens

    Optimize response time to inbound visitors based on your team’s availability. Apply “Office Hours” to customize how your chatbot interacts with visitors based when they visit your website.


A/B test your experience

A/B test everything from greeting messages to targeting strategies for visitors based on behavioral conditions, such as repeat visitors, pages visited, time spent on page, and more!


Integrate with your existing tech stack

Bring the conversation to your favorite collaboration channel and reduce your response time to seconds.

With real-time notifications streaming into Slack and Microsoft Teams, your team can host the conversation in your favorite collaboration tool the moment a target account arrives on your website.

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Compared to our previous vendor, we’re seeing 30% more engagement with ZoomInfo Chat.

ZoomInfo Chat checked all our boxes. With plug-and-play integrations, real-time insights, an easy-to-use conversation builder, and a live meeting scheduler, it was like we had struck gold. Not to mention, it’s fueled by ZoomInfo’s deep insights and data coverage.

Alex Weihmann
Alex Weihmann

Marketing Manager


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