Ditch Clunky Web Forms to Capture the Best Leads.

Maximize website conversions and improve lead quality with single-field, data-enriched web forms — courtesy of FormComplete.

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Convert, score, route

Gather actionable data

Ask for a website visitor’s business email on your website form and let FormComplete fill in the rest. ZoomInfo’s lead capture software appends incoming leads’ critical data points within your technology stack for you to segment, score, and take action on.


Re-engage interested prospects

Collect prospect information from abandoned forms

Capture the information that your website visitors provide before they abandon a form with FormComplete Abandoned Form Tracking.


Verify email addresses

Validate emails at any point of entry

Eliminate faulty form submissions once and for all. FormComplete verifies every email and rejects invalid addresses in real time.


"ZoomInfo serves as the foundation of our sales and marketing initiatives.

Since implementing FormComplete, we’ve been able to reduce the number of form fields from seven to three and in doing so, we’ve seen a 26% increase in conversions."

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Scott Haney
Scott Haney

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increase in conversions

Get Answers: Lead Capture Software FAQs

What is lead capture software?

Lead capture software gathers data about prospects who have shown interest in your product or service. Lead capture solutions, like FormComplete, give prospects a better, streamlined experience, while still gathering essential data. 

Marketers and salespeople depend on accurate and complete data to make the best decision about where to funnel a prospect. Lead capture software strikes a balance between gathering sufficient data and the likelihood that your prospect abandons a form that is too long.

Read more about how the ZoomInfo platform captures rich data about your prospects without chasing them away. 

How many fields should be on a form?

Fewer form fields lead to higher conversion rates. When you reduce the number of form fields, you increase the likelihood of a prospect hitting the “submit” button. 

Conduct an audit to identify which form fields are critical to your sales or conversion process. Remove any form fields that aren’t absolutely necessary. Then conduct A/B tests to determine which form field combinations drive ideal business results. 

Lead capture software, backed by a B2B data provider like ZoomInfo, can seamlessly fill in gaps in form data on the back end.

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What is a good form-fill rate?

A good form-fill rate falls between 2% and 5%. A good conversion rate is the one that allows you to hit your desired performance metrics. 

With lead capture software and fewer form fields, businesses can boost form fill-rates by presenting prospects with fewer barriers to conversion — without sacrificing data. This creates a better customer experience and more qualified leads. 

What happens after lead capture? Read about key next steps

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