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ZoomInfo Lite brings together sales people who share their business contacts with the community to build a combined database of business information for business purposes.

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How does ZoomInfo Lite work?

Once a community user agrees to the ZoomInfo Lite (formerly Community Edition) Terms of Use and connects their business email, ZoomInfo Lite will synchronize their business email with ZoomInfo’s database. The application then identifies contact information in the user’s emails or contact book to validate existing or add new records to the ZoomInfo database, which is then used by ZoomInfo’s customers and community members. The information we collect through ZoomInfo Lite is information that is customarily found on a business card or a resume, such as name, job title, company, phone numbers, and email addresses. Other types of information present in email headers may also be collected, such as IP addresses.

Individuals who are added to the ZoomInfo database are sent a detailed privacy notification that includes who ZoomInfo is, what information is collected, how it is used, who it is shared with, and information on how to claim, manage, update, or remove their profile in the ZoomInfo database.

It’s our goal to help you reach your goals

Companies that use ZoomInfo Lite receive incredible value by gaining access to the same industry-leading revenue intelligence at no cost.

In exchange for free ongoing access to ZoomInfo Lite, users agree to share their email contact book and headers and signature blocks from emails they receive, with ZoomInfo. This helps ZoomInfo keep our platform updated to provide our customers and users the most accurate data.


What type of information does ZoomInfo collect from ZoomInfo Lite?

Information we do not collect:

  • We do not collect any additional information other than information in email contact books, and the headers and signature blocks in emails that are received by our ZoomInfo Lite users
  • We do not track personal browsing history
  • We do not look at calendars or meetings
  • We do not read the content of email communications

Information we collect:

  • The type of contact information we collect from email contact books and email signatures is what you would normally find on a business card or a resume.
  • Most of the information we collect from our ZoomInfo Lite users simply acts as part of our system of checks and balances, confirming information that already exists in ZoomInfo’s database.

We care about your privacy!

ZoomInfo’s top priority is to keep your data and privacy safe to the fullest extent by aligning with privacy standards.

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