Simplify Operations with ZoomInfo’s Cloud Partners.

Get unlimited access to premium, ready-to-use B2B company and contact data — right in your cloud.



Ready, Set, Integrate

Speed up your go-to-market motions by switching from complicated B2B data ingestion processes to modern data management.

  • Access ZoomInfo’s Data Cubes directly in AWS, Google Cloud, Databricks, or Snowflake (or through flat files)

  • Get more mileage out of your data by combining first- and third-party data within your data and analytics engine

  • Share scalable, high-performance go-to-market insights with your revenue teams

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Cloud Partners

The best B2B data, right in your cloud

We’ve partnered with leading cloud providers to make it easy to ingest data where you work, with your existing first- and third-party data

Use Cases

Get More Insights from Your Data

By combining ZoomInfo’s unparalleled data with your first- and third-party data already in your cloud, you’ll be able to drive more insights with improved accuracy.

  • Target Addressable Market (TAM) Analysis: A data-driven way to evaluate your total addressable market and identify the best-fit accounts to target.

  • Ideal Customer Profiling (ICP): Find net new target accounts that are similar to your existing customers using unconventional company characteristics.

  • Improve Lead Scoring: Identify company organizational, contact, and technographic changes to more effectively route good leads to the right team.

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The Best Data

Choose ZoomInfo B2B Data Integration for GTM Success

Prospect your total addressable market — from SMBs to enterprises — with high-performance integrated B2B data built for sales and marketing teams.

  • Create comprehensive account views with accurate ICPs, territory assignments, and detailed accounts maps

  • Insist on reliable B2B data that’s gathered with patented AI, natural language processing, and a human-in-the-loop approach

  • Complete your go-to-market solution with ZoomInfo’s APIs, Data Quality Management plus multi-vendor enrichment

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“Our systems run on AWS, as do many of our customer’s systems.

We have a high degree of trust in the platform from a security standpoint. ZoomInfo’s integration with S3 makes it substantially easier to utilize the data effectively.”

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Robert Kulewicz
Robert Kulewicz

Chief Growth Officer at MarketSpark


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