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Gain unlimited access to premium pre-built or custom ZoomInfo Data Cubes – regularly refreshed and delivered directly to the systems where you work.

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Choose ZoomInfo B2B Data Integration for GTM Success

Prospect your total addressable market — from SMBs to enterprises — with high-performance integrated B2B data, purpose-built for sales and marketing teams.

  • Create comprehensive account views with accurate ICPs, territory assignments, and detailed accounts maps

  • Insist on reliable B2B data that’s gathered with patented AI, natural language processing, and a human-in-the-loop approach

  • Complete your go-to-market solution with ZoomInfo’s APIs, Data Quality Management plus multi-vendor enrichment

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    Pre-Built and Custom Data Cubes

    Choose from a wide range of ready-to-use Data Cubes, or collaborate with our Data Services team to build custom datasets for your business.

    B2B data brick integration workflow.
    • Firmographic Data purpose-built for Sales and Marketing

      Firmographic Data purpose-built for Sales and Marketing

      Access 200+ company data attributes at HQ and location levels to understand and expand your Total Addressable Market (TAM). With superior match-and-fill rates built on logical business relations and quarterly firmographic data updates, ZoomInfo is the preferred foundational dataset for sales and marketing activities.

      Technographic Data 
      Get extensive insights into the technologies companies use, both complementary and competitive, to tailor campaigns with precision.

      Advanced Attributes 
      Using advanced data modeling and ZoomInfo’s proprietary rules engine, Advanced Attributes provides a comparative analysis of department size and strength, technology spend, and a blended evaluation of department-level sophistication.

    • Target the right companies with accurate corporate hierarchy data

      Target the right companies with accurate corporate hierarchy data

      Gain unlimited access to corporate hierarchy data and understand account relationships. Refreshed and delivered quarterly, this ZoomInfo data cube contains 55 fields, including ultimate parent, domestic parent, immediate parent, subsidiary, headquarters, individual location, and franchise data.

      • Define territory assignments to ensure the right teams engage with the correct company locations.
      • Capitalize on existing organizational connections to discover new opportunities across related entities.
      • Drive ABM strategies and improved efficiency with clear visibility into reporting levels and buying committees.
      • Accurately assess performance by attributing metrics and revenue at either the parent level or sub-entity level.
    • Turn research into revenue with insights into prospects actively seeking your solution

      Turn research into revenue with insights into prospects actively seeking your solution

      Target prospects actively researching solutions like yours with ZoomInfo Intent Data. Subscribe to any of 4,000+ Standard Intent Topics to fuel modeling, scoring, analysis, and other advanced data initiatives. Intent Data is refreshed and delivered weekly.

      • Improve lead identification and scoring by creating custom, predictive models that analyze buying signals throughout the customer journey.
      • Optimize go-to-market strategies by analyzing relationships between intent signals and account activities, like Deals Lost or Closed-Won opportunities.
      • Layer intent data with other sources to identify long-term trends in online content consumption and guide strategic business decisions.
    • Turn page views into pipeline with the best IP-to-Company Graph in the market

      Turn page views into pipeline with the best IP-to-Company Graph in the market

      Identify the companies visiting your website by accessing over 200+ million IP addresses in the ZoomInfo database. Analyze this information with company core firmographics and intent signals to optimize marketing spend, reach out to contacts at the right time, and confidently execute campaigns.

    • Pinpoint your ideal customer profile with complete account intelligence

      Pinpoint your ideal customer profile with complete account intelligence

      Fill account gaps and define ideal customer profiles (ICPs) with criteria-based access to the industry’s most comprehensive contact data attributes. Refreshed and delivered monthly.

      Job History
      Track your champions, identify patterns across career moves, recruit best-fit candidates, and adjust conversations based on current responsibilities. Explore complete career histories for both customers and prospects.


    Organizations around the world leverage ZoomInfo’s Data Cubes to:

    Improve Data Quality

    Optimize your GTM motions with complete and consistent customer data.

    Streamline Data Management

    Break down silos and align Sales and Marketing with a single source of truth.

    Advance your Analytics

    Deliver accurate predictions and actionable insights to GTM and C-Suite stakeholders.

    Increase Efficiency

    Focus on solving business problems, not manual research and endless data prep.

    Experience Personalized B2B Data Delivery

    We don’t just deliver data, we help you achieve your data strategy goals with custom solutions and dedicated support, available on-demand.

  • Work with a dedicated data delivery manager to ensure you receive the freshest data on a schedule that works best for you

  • Enjoy data-services support for one-on-one onboarding and data integration that’s tailored for your business

  • Get the white-glove help you need — from on-demand pull requests to additional company and contact data access

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    The best B2B data, right in your cloud

    We’ve partnered with leading cloud providers to make it easy to ingest data where you work, with your existing first- and third-party data

    “Ingesting ZoomInfo data directly into our systems

    allows us to easily build leads and map hierarchical relationships in a more centralized way to enable reps at-scale.”

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