Snowflake and ZoomInfo.

Data teams get direct access to ZoomInfo datasets at-scale, while operations teams can autonomously work in Snowflake without filing an IT ticket.

The combined powerhouse of ZoomInfo and Snowflake saves time across teams, reduces the data silos between them, and empowers everyone to do what they do best.

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Better together

Unlock your data assets’ performance and scalability

Adapt to your data needs at scale with ZoomInfo’s extensive global B2B data coverage, depth, and intelligence and Snowflake’s robust security, governance, and reliability controls.


Automated Data Management

Save time and reduce data silos with automated data management on top of Snowflake

  • Use no-code Reverse ETL to extract data from the Snowflake Data Cloud and create net new records in Salesforce.

  • Update existing records in Salesforce using Snowflake Data Cloud as an enrichment source.

  • Bring together multiple third party data sources to automatically enrich Snowflake tables.



Get Go-to-Market insights without the wait

  • Eliminate resource-intensive B2B data ingestion processes with the cloud-based modern alternative to data shares — ready for consumption.

  • Combine ZoomInfo’s premium global B2B data and powerful data processing capabilities with your Snowflake assets.

  • Give your sales and marketing teams the competitive edge with actionable insights — delivered within minutes.



Get maximum mileage from your Snowflake data

  • Power your go-to-market strategy in Snowflake with data attributes — from contacts and companies to hierarchy and technographics.

  • Create a unified customer view — in one place — within Snowflake.

  • Capture, unify, enrich, analyze and share customer insights in your Snowflake data workflows.

“Ingesting ZoomInfo data directly into our systems

allows us to easily build leads and map hierarchical relationships in a more centralized way to enable reps at-scale.”

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Andy Ruffles
Andy Ruffles

Director of Sales Operations and Strategy at Capital One

Increased productivity and time savings through ZoomInfo Data Cubes

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