Win Faster with Centralized GTM Insights at Scale.

ZoomInfo and Databricks streamline delivery of the industry’s most comprehensive and trusted B2B data into the leading data lakehouse platform, helping data teams fuel accelerated growth with go-to-market insights at scale.

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Unlock your data assets’ performance and scalability

Whether you’re looking to improve data quality, create a single source of truth, advance your modeling and scoring, or unlock the power of analytics and AI, ZoomInfo and Databricks provide the robust data, platform and white-glove support you need to modernize data management and grow your book of business.



Reduce time to insights with open and seamless delivery via Databricks Delta Sharing

  • Eliminate resource-intensive B2B data ingestion processes with Delta Sharing through the Databricks Marketplace, an open standard for secure sharing of data assets without proprietary platform dependencies, complicated ETL or expensive replication.

  • Enjoy automatic ZoomInfo data updates to eliminate data decay and ensure all data consumers have access to the freshest data.

  • Give your go-to-market teams a competitive edge with actionable insights — delivered within minutes.

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    Get maximum mileage from your data in Databricks

  • Power your go-to-market strategy in Databricks with premium pre-built or custom ZoomInfo Data Cubes to achieve the full potential of your analytics, modeling, machine learning, and AI initiatives.

  • Build a reliable go-to-market data foundation to analyze, predict, and engage with the right accounts to drive revenue.

  • Capture, unify, enrich, analyze and share customer insights.

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    “Ingesting ZoomInfo data directly into our systems

    allows us to easily build leads and map hierarchical relationships in a more centralized way to enable reps at-scale.”

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    Andy Ruffles
    Andy Ruffles

    Director of Sales Operations and Strategy at Capital One

    Increased productivity and time savings through ZoomInfo Data Cubes

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