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Data-Powered Sales Engagement.

Engage by ZoomInfo is the sales engagement platform that helps your sales team quickly connect with more of the right prospects at the right time and with the right message. And that helps hit your number.

Trigger Automated Sales Plays Based on Market Signals

Power Account-Based Sales with Tailored Conversations

Execute, Learn, and Pivot with Enhanced Analytics

Identify and connect with buyers at scale.

Sales Automation

Trigger Automated Sales Plays Based on Market Signals

Simply put, you don’t have enough people to monitor all the signals in the market and react quickly to the right ones. We’ll do that work for you.

Create Salesflows—multi-channel prospecting campaigns that include automated emails, calls, and other tasks like social connections—that are initiated based on the market signals that make sense for your business.

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account-based selling

Power Account-Based Sales with Tailored Conversations

See intelligence about your key accounts—based on Scoops from our research team, funding events, technographic data, Intent, and de-anonymized site visitors—to help tailor your conversations. Then import decision makers and influencers at these accounts and drop them into Salesflows in seconds.

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email analytics

Execute, Learn, and Pivot with Enhanced Analytics

Take email metrics to the next level with  Engage’s intelligent recommendations engine, which shows the personas that are most likely to engage with you based on prior interactions. You’ll also get  recommended contacts to add to your prospecting campaigns that you can add to a Salesflow with a single click.

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“Last year, we finished at 175% of our goal.

Engage simplifies my day and my job. I’m able to focus on operational tasks while Engage does my sales job for me. Last year, we finished at 175% of our goal. In Q1, we’re already 66% ahead of our annual goal."

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Katie Mahon
Katie Mahon

Program Manager, Ascent Risk Management Group


Ahead of annual goals this year

"We saw a 27% increase from lead to opportunity creation.

ZoomInfo gives us deep intelligence to uncover who we should be targeting and when. On top of this, with Engage, our reps can personalize their sales flows and make them their own."

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Michael Cupps
Michael Cupps

Senior Vice President of Marketing


increase in lead to opportunity ratio

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Get Answers: Sales Engagement FAQs

What is a sales engagement platform?

A sales engagement platform improves your sales teams’ efficiency by automating routine tasks and reducing — or even eliminating — time consuming guesswork in the sales cycle. 

Sales engagement platforms bundle contact data, account data, real-time alerts, activity capture, task management, and recommendations. The best platforms connect you with the right prospects and decision-makers at the right time — when they are most ready to buy. 

Learn more about choosing a sales engagement platform on our blog. 

What is a sales engagement strategy?

A sales engagement strategy plans out how you will find, connect, and engage with potential prospects. Executing these interactions well is a key part of a successful go-to-market strategy. 

A modern sales engagement strategy utilizes automation and engagement platforms to create efficiency as your business grows. See how you can streamline your prospecting with sales automation.

How do you increase sales engagement?

You can increase sales engagement by automating recurring sales-related tasks to enhance your ability to act on real-time data. 

For example, by adding sales engagement tools like email automation and an automatic sales dialer to your arsenal, your sales team will be able to reach more prospects in less time. 

Sales engagement tools that offer real-time intelligence on your prospects can also increase sales by connecting you with your customers when they are actively thinking about your solution.

See how you can supercharge your sales with ZoomInfo’s Engage platform.

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