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  • Is ZoomInfo worth the price?

    ZoomInfo has a proven track record of helping our customers reach their most important goal: profitable growth to the bottom line.

    The B2B intelligence and automation available to ZoomInfo customers powers their go-to-market strategies and gives them the ability to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the perfect prospect.

    Need examples? Check out our case study featuring Instapage, a software company that increased year-over-year bookings by 192% after implementing ZoomInfo. Meanwhile, Clum Creative realized a 10x Return On Investment (ROI) with ZoomInfo, after the video production company achieved a 104% increase in appointments set and a 60% increase in leads. 

    From enterprise organizations to rapidly growing start-ups and SMBs, over 20,000 customers rely on ZoomInfo to identify, connect with, and engage buyers within a Total Addressable Market (TAM). Just ask the Managing Director of Deal IQ, Aaron Kotick. After adopting ZoomInfo, his team realized an increase of over 1900% (!) in annual revenue. “This is how a start-up hyper-accelerates,” Kotick explained. “We went from being a firm no one knew about to working with the largest companies in the world – all because we found them in ZoomInfo. We’ve seen a 1900% increase in annual revenue since implementing ZoomInfo.” 

    Success stories like the ones above are the reason ZoomInfo earned top rankings in 19 categories in the Fall 2020 reports from G2, a user reviews publication, even garnering a track record of superlatives issued to solutions that deliver ease-of-use, results, and ROI across all company segments.

  • How much does ZoomInfo cost annually?

    ZoomInfo pricing is based on the following criteria:

    • Features and functionality 
    • Number of licenses
    • Credit usage

    The cost of ZoomInfo credits is based on the depth of information a customer requires. More robust credits cover advanced B2B intelligence, such as technographics, department budgets and org charts, and real-time alerts related to company events, like funding rounds and product launches. On the other hand, basic credits offer traditional demographic and firmographic details. 

    Add-on solutions to the ZoomInfo platform and integrations can also impact pricing and packaging. For example, our Streaming Intent solution is available as an add on for organizations that want real-time visibility into when companies are actively searching for the products and services they provide. Pricing for Streaming Intent, like our credit model, is based on expected usage, specifically around the volume of keywords and account universe a customer is interested in tracking. 

    Integrations can also impact price. Our platform seamlessly integrates with popular sales and marketing technologies, including out-of-the-box integrations with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales automation software, and marketing automation tools. These pre-packaged integrations typically have a base cost to use and install and require a minimum purchase of bulk credits for immediate use upon installation. If credit consumption is more than originally anticipated, customers can purchase additional credits. 

  • How do ZoomInfo packages work?

    ZoomInfo takes a SaaS-based approach to pricing and packaging that provides us the flexibility to deliver our customers with the depth of B2B intelligence that matches their needs.

    Packaging is based on the number of licenses our customers require and the desired level of access to data and features.. More advanced packages enable access well beyond basic contact and firmographic information; instead revealing insights like department sizes, org charts, technographics, and more. 

    Customers can also purchase out-of-the-box, plug-and-play integrations that sync ZoomInfo data directly into CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and sales automation tools.

  • What are ZoomInfo credits?

    ZoomInfo credits represent the consumption (export) of a professional or company profile from the ZoomInfo platform. This export can originate from the primary ZoomInfo platform, the ReachOut Chrome Extension, or any time an API call is made from any number of our integrations, including CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and sales automation tools. 

    Each export costs one credit, and credits can be added to any package as needs change. Overall ZoomInfo pricing is based on licenses and credit usage, as well as desired features. 

    Your ZoomInfo package will include a predetermined number of monthly credits based on your needs. While each unique package offers a tailored number of credits based on your intended use of ZoomInfo, all credits function the same way. Whenever your team exports company or contact information, a credit is consumed. The great news here is that credits are not used whenever a user views a company or contact profile, only when data is exported.

  • What is the cost per contact on ZoomInfo?

    ZoomInfo does not charge by “contact.”  Customers can look up and view as many contacts and company profiles as they wish within the platform. Credit usage occurs only when a user exports a contact or company profile from the platform to a CSV file or an application, most commonly an Excel file or internal CRM.

  • Does ZoomInfo allow monthly payments?

    ZoomInfo offers multiple payment options depending on your package, add-on features, and number of users. Our sales team will work with you on payment frequency and options.

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