What is Community Edition?

In exchange for free access to ZoomInfo, Community Edition users agree to share their business contacts to help ZoomInfo keep our platform updated. And in turn, we continuously keep their address book up-to-date with verified business information.

How the Community Edition works:

  • 1

    Once a community user agrees to the terms of service, authenticates themselves, and creates an account, they install our local application that connects to their email service provider.

  • 2

    Our application then identifies business contact information that is used to validate existing or add new records to the ZoomInfo platform. The information we collect is what is customarily found on a business card and includes name, company job title, business phone, and email address.

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    Before being added to ZoomInfo, every professional receives a notification with instructions on how to claim, manage, update, or remove their profile.

ZoomInfo’s Code of Community

To build a community, you must respect it first. Our code is a promise. We're here to do more than deliver the best B2B intelligence available on the planet; we're here to ensure that that way we collect, verify, publish, and secure data is transparent and ethical.

In the spirit of ZoomInfo’s Code, here are certain types of information that we choose not to process.

Our algorithms are designed to solely collect business contact information and business contact information alone. And we've implemented privacy practices that go above and beyond those of our peers and what’s required by law.

Popular ZoomInfo Privacy Resources

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