Multi-threading Opportunities.

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The average opportunity has five stakeholders. If you are only working with one, you have a single point of failure. The goal of this campaign is to identify additional decision-makers that could keep an opportunity alive should your current contact lose interest, leave the company, or doesn’t have the clout to get the deal done.

After seven days (or an appropriate time period for your sales cycle), use ZoomInfo or another data provider to identify other decision-makers at the account. Send them a follow-up sequence from the account executive.


  • Single contact attached to opportunity with no additional contacts added in the first 10 days after opportunity creation


  • Discover expanded set number of contacts based on primary opportunity contact
  • Send records to your CRM
  • Assign to a User
  • Enroll in Multi-threading Opportunity campaign

Messaging Template

Subject: [product name] 

Body: Hi [first name]: 

I’ve been speaking with some of your colleagues at [account name]. I wanted to reach out to introduce myself and make sure that you’re aware of how we can help your team. 

I’ve been working with decision-makers in both [X department] and [Y department]. It would be great if I could schedule a quick call with you to show you how other [account name] leaders are using [product name] to drive top-level results. 

With [product name] you’ll have access to: 

Feature 1 

Feature 2 

I’d be happy to loop you in on these conversations if you’re interested. Would sometime early next week work? 


[first name]

Ads Template


Target all of your stakeholders AND their employees to ensure that there is pressure to ensure buy-in from all angles. A/B tests two creative sets that point to different features you offer to determine which is going to be the most impactful.


GPT Email Example




Vice President, Marketing

Subject: Follow-up on ZoomInfo meeting with Sophia

Hi Kristen,

I had a great meeting with Sophia on your sales team about ZoomInfo and how we can help solve challenges around accurate segmentation and reaching high-intent buyers via digital advertising.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these challenges and how ZoomInfo can help the marketing team.

What other areas of your business are you looking to improve through data and insights?


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