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G2 Buyer Intent Data – Right in SalesOS.

Drive revenue with Intent Data by knowing exactly who is in market.

Over 6M in-market buyers come to G2 every month to research their next software purchase.  Use this granular Intent Data to power your selling motions.

  • Prioritize the Right Accounts

    Prioritize the Right Accounts

    Buyer Intent Data from G2 and ZoomInfo, gives you a closer look at which accounts are in-market right now and primed for outreach. Ensure that your prospects see your name in their inbox before your competitors.

  • Find the Right People

    Find the Right People

    Match the accounts actively researching you on G2 with suggested contacts from ZoomInfo. Use additional filters like job title and geography to ensure your outreach goes to your target persona.

  • Access the Most Recent Data

    Access the Most Recent Data

    Easily track your account champions and key contacts to stay informed of where your best relationships are and whether people moves will impact existing business or open the door for new opportunities. Clean house on incomplete and inaccurate data and get fresh, precise information streaming into your database.

  • Eliminate Manual Research

    Eliminate Manual Research

    48% of sales development representative (SDR) teams responsible for pipeline generation consistently hit their quotas. Spend less time researching and more time selling.


Target Smarter with G2 Buyer Intent Data in MarketingOS

Market to high intent accounts.

By integrating G2 Buyer Intent with ZoomInfo, MarketingOS users can populate and build audience segments of high-intent accounts, and trigger targeting workflows specifically by certain G2 Buyer Intent and ZoomInfo Intent filters.


Build High Quality Account Segments

Fill your funnel with companies that are interested in your specific product and industry, and have a high likelihood of buying from you. Use G2 Buyer Intent filters in MarketingOS to set up a ZoomInfo campaign that targets accounts looking at your category or product profile on

Engage Accounts with Relevant Messaging

Serve personalized, pre-built ads based on where and how your accounts are showing interest on For instance, if your account is viewing your competitors, you can target those accounts with content that speaks to how you stack up against those competitors.

Convert Leads to Pipeline Faster

By setting up an automated integration to MarketingOS, you can create pre-built workflows that turn previously unknown accounts into known, engaged buyers — automatically — by targeting exactly when those buyers are in-market, committing relevant research on

About G2 Buyer Intent

  • G2 Buyer Intent is account-level data that captures buyer behaviors as they research and interact with the marketplace.
  • G2 Buyer Intent customers are able to see, from their customer dashboard my.G2, exactly which accounts are conducting this research, what kind of research, and when.
  • Intent signals represent when buyers are showing low-to-high levels of interest, and are researching competitors, comparing a solution to alternatives, discovering specific products, and categories.

"With ZoomInfo’s Streaming Intent data, we have a constant stream of interested prospects.

We’ve increased the number of opportunities in our pipeline by over 50% and, if we close a quarter of those, then we’ll be two years ahead of our projected revenue goals."

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