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As a leading global provider of integrated digital communications solutions, New York City-based MetTel offers a wide range of devices and services — from telecom infrastructure planning to consolidated billing to transparent cloud-based management capabilities. The number, variety, and complexity of MetTel’s solutions —and the company’s fast pace of growth — make onboarding and training of new sales reps an ongoing challenge for MetTel’s sales leadership, who also have limited time for coaching.

In 2018, MetTel hired BD Acceleration to help optimize its sales team performance. The Littleton, Colo.-based consulting firm specializes in sales training and coaching, and applies technology, including AI-powered tools, to help solve sales team challenges. It was BD Acceleration that introduced MetTel to the Chorus conversation intelligence platform.

“Without Chorus, it would take us a lot more time to get our new hires to understand our messaging and deliver it out to the marketplace.”

Eddie Rishty

Vice President, Enterprise Sales, MetTel


“Bringing Chorus into MetTel was a no-brainer,” says Erik Martinez, president of BD Acceleration. “It was a must for the sales team to have a tool that would give them visibility into sales conversations and help accelerate the feedback cycle for sales reps.”

Eddie Rishty, vice president, enterprise sales, at MetTel, says he immediately recognized the value that the Chorus platform could provide in increasing the effectiveness of his coaching for sales reps. “Chorus lets me jump into sales call recordings at any given point, so I can provide precise and timely feedback to my team members,” Rishty explains.
He adds, “Our sales process is becoming increasingly more complex and being able to help our reps understand that process is incredibly important. Without help from Chorus, it would take us a lot more time to get our new hires to understand our messaging and deliver it out to the marketplace.”

The Results

Martinez says that the insights on sales team performance that Chorus is surfacing for MetTel help to answer these critical questions: “Did our sales training stick?” and “Is our coaching process effective?”

Additionally, the insights from Chorus allow MetTel to determine exactly what sales team members are doing during calls to engage prospects and customers and close deals successfully. “Chorus’s dashboards are incredibly helpful because you can see patterns across the entire sales team, such as what reps are saying at what point during sales conversations,” Martinez says.

Chorus has helped MetTel to identify best practices that it is now replicating across its entire sales team. And Rishty says it’s now much easier to get the sales organization on the same page with messaging. “When we use consistent messaging, it helps ensure we are meeting our customers’ needs,” he explains. “It also allows us to quickly identify and rectify any issues we are having with prospects.”

According to Rishty, the sales team’s ability to close deals has increased since MetTel implemented the Chorus platform, following BD Acceleration’s recommendation. “If you want to see a huge lift in your closed deals, Chorus is the way to go,” says Rishty.

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