Cost savings and efficiency gains through tech stack consolidation


Challenge was founded in 2020 with the goal of redefining the way companies market their business and brands online. While the company has experienced extraordinary growth in the past 2 years, they have also had to deal with growing pains synonymous with rapid expansion and multiple B2B acquisitions.

“There is no shortage of obstacles when trying to scale a business,” explained Samantha Chambers, Director of Revenue Systems at “But, it’s the job of the RevOps team to ensure the right tools, systems and strategies are in place to help alleviate those challenges and accelerate revenue growth.”

When Chambers first started at she began looking for opportunities to drive process improvements and operational efficiencies across the entire company. “I spent a significant amount of time evaluating the different technologies and workflows being leveraged by each department. Ultimately, I found the company’s tech stack was crowded with point solutions that didn’t speak to one another, and didn’t encourage productivity.”

“A good example of this was with our former business intelligence vendor. The Sales team was 6 months into their contract but had only used 3% of their credits. Since the tool didn’t integrate with Salesforce, or any other technologies in our stack, it was being ignored and dismissed by its intended users.”

When armed with the right technology and sales intelligence, would have the opportunity to maximize productivity, accelerate pipeline and reach new levels of revenue potential.

“We’re no longer working in silos. Our tech stack is a fully integrated system that encourages productivity and is underpinned by a single source of truth which offers deep insights into our total addressable market.”

Samantha Chambers

Director of Revenue Systems at


“Our goal was to replace our sales intelligence vendor with a partner that could provide us with deep insights on our target market. We also needed this new technology to have the ability to seamlessly integrate with our existing tech stack,” said Chambers. “We found all that and more with ZoomInfo.”

When Chambers learned of ZoomInfo’s acquisition of Chorus she saw an even greater opportunity for tech stack consolidation. “As soon as I learned that ZoomInfo had acquired Chorus, I saw an opportunity to displace our existing conversation intelligence vendor and further streamline our workflows,” explained Chambers. “However, we needed to make sure the product could support all of our existing and planned use cases.”

After an in-depth evaluation and the green light from internal stakeholders, made the decision to displace their previous sales intelligence and conversation intelligence tools with ZoomInfo’s Sales and Chorus solutions.

“When we made the decision to invest in ZoomInfo, we felt there was value in expanding the use case by giving access to teams across the organization,” said Chambers. “When moving from our previous conversation intelligence vendor to Chorus, we added more than 20 new licenses. When transitioning from the other sales intelligence vendor to Sales, we tacked on 30 additional seats. Even with a 400%+ increase in licenses, we’re still paying less than the combined cost of our previous tools.”

The Results

Today,’s Sales, Marketing and Product teams are leveraging ZoomInfo’s unified system of data, insights, software and integrations to drive all aspects of their Go-To-Market (GTM) motion. “We’re no longer working in silos. Our tech stack is a fully integrated system that encourages productivity and is underpinned by a single source of truth which offers deep insights into our total addressable market.”

In the last two years, Chambers and the RevOps team have remained busy as completed seven major acquisitions to expand their capabilities across key verticals. “We’re on a quest to deliver a unified and frictionless experience that sets our GTM teams up for success,” explained Chambers. “There have been countless instances where a technology is replaced by one that we’ve inherited or vice versa. What’s notable is ZoomInfo’s Sales and Chorus solutions are the only tools that have remained a constant in our tech stack. We’re regularly stacking them up against their competitors and they’re always coming out on top.”

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