90% of Zoom's sales team relies on ZoomInfo

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Zoom’s sales team asks the right questions. ZoomInfo’s depth of data gives answers.

When the team at Zoom began using ZoomInfo, their primary goal was to use the platform to penetrate their target accounts more deeply and, within those accounts, expand their level of influence. Rich Adams, Manager, Sales Tools Strategy at Zoom, considers the platform extremely reliable for helping his team do just that.

“Say I get an inbound lead from an IT admin,” said Adams. “That’s great that I’ve got the lead, but now I have questions. Who are the decision-makers? Who do they report to? Where do they sit? How close am I to someone in the organization who can actually make the decision to buy Zoom?”

Because of the level of depth and granularity of ZoomInfo’s data, explained Adams, he and his team can get answers to these questions quickly and with minimal effort. “We needed a solution that would help us identify the right people in the right departments, find their contact information, build pipeline, and close deals,” said Adams. “And consequently, that was ZoomInfo.”

We have very aggressive revenue growth targets. And so far, we have absolutely needed ZoomInfo in order to meet and exceed those goals.

Rich Adams

Manager, Sales Tools Strategy at Zoom

As Zoom’s usage of ZoomInfo grows, so does its revenue.

It didn’t take long for the team at Zoom to see the value in ZoomInfo. As a result, they were confident in their decision to expand their use case and rely more heavily on ZoomInfo to support all sales initiatives.

Within the first year of the partnership, Zoom increased its number of ZoomInfo licenses by 1,050%. That same year, Zoom grew their revenue by 300%. “We went from segment to segment and trained all the teams on how they would use ZoomInfo for their specific prospecting motion,” said Adams.

As Zoom has continued to grow and release new products, ZoomInfo has remained a core piece of their go-to-market strategy. “Now that we have Zoom Phone, we’re talking to different people,” Adams explained. “As we expand into new markets—as well as international territories— we need to have the tools that allow our reps to penetrate those markets. ZoomInfo has been instrumental in this effort.”

Since Zoom first adopted the ZoomInfo platform, they have increased their number of licenses by 5,900%. Of the people who make up their sales teams, 90% use ZoomInfo.

“We have very aggressive revenue growth targets,” Adams said. “And so far, we have absolutely needed ZoomInfo in order to meet and exceed those goals.”

Looking to the future with greater, deeper intelligence and new features

The ability to find out which Technologies prospects are using, source inside updates collected by ZoomInfo’s personal research team (called Scoops), and receive Alerts on those updates in real time are among the ZoomInfo features that Adams deems hugely beneficial, and are part of the reason why, he says, “The number of ways our teams use the ZoomInfo platform just keeps on increasing.”

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