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Fujitsu has grown into one of the world’s largest and most trusted technology services and solutions providers by building many of the world’s best cutting- edge communications platforms. But in the United States, Fujitsu Americas was tasked with generating its own demand, developing its own marketing strategy, identifying its own accounts, and establishing its own sales opportunities. And with several different systems and data sources in use, Fujitsu Americas needed one simple, easy-to-use platform that could help it drive wider awareness among prospect accounts and deeper engagement within existing accounts. With a sterling global brand and looking to replicate that success in the U.S. and Canadian markets, Fujitsu Americas turned to ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg.


Fujitsu Americas needed a single, efficient, highly- accurate data solution that could tell the whole story within a prospect account – including revealing org charts, technology stacks, and contact information – reliably and in far less time. It got that and even more with ZoomInfo.

“ZoomInfo is one of the most robust tools I’ve used across both marketing and sales,” says Russ Hellmann, Head of North America Field Marketing at Fujitsu Americas. “We use ZoomInfo to power field sales in their prospecting efforts, demand marketing, and account-based marketing (ABM) efforts; we build our target lists, define our sales territories, and augment the information in our existing account lists right in the platform.” That unsurpassed data performance is courtesy of ZoomInfo who provided Fujitsu Americas access to the most accurate, detailed, and up-to-date prospecting data in existence.

The Results

With automatic Scoops that alert Hellmann’s team to any new buying initiatives within their accounts, and granular org charts that map out buying committees and spheres of influence, ZoomInfo saves each member of Fujitsu America’s 80-person sales team approximately 4 hours of productivity per week – an efficiency boost equal to hiring 8 full-time employees.

“We don’t need to invest any man-hours from sales or marketing to update data anymore,” Hellmann says. “We trust the data quality and accuracy of ZoomInfo. I don’t need a data team like I needed in the past.” And with their time now free to perform their value-adding responsibilities, sales and marketing are using ZoomInfo to power their own prospecting activities.

Marketing leverages the data to send high-value direct mail to senior-level prospects, and boosts webinar attendance by targeting extremely specific, relevant, granular personas.
“We just know so much more about our accounts than we ever did before. Now we’re able to focus on getting to business leaders and not just technology, so we can better up-sell and cross-sell,” says Hellmann.

Armed with a superior platform and better information, Fujitsu America’s demand generation has blossomed. Engagement rates have soared well above historical norms, and ZoomInfo has helped put lead generation and qualification into overdrive. That success makes Fujitsu Americas, Hellmann, and each member of his team very happy. “I will bring ZoomInfo with me anywhere I go in my career,” Hellmann says.

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