100 new calls made per week + 2.5 hours saved per day



Box’s talented demand gen team and outbound business managers used to spend countless hours each week scouring news wires and alert services for organizational changes at potential customers, trying to identify new opportunities and filter out dead ones.

Combined with the tediously slow tasks of compiling organizational charts by hand and uploading entire account lists one-by-one to Salesforce, Box was not only wasting their most valuable revenue-driving employees’ time, but they were missing out on dozens of promising and potentially lucrative new leads each week.

It was like adding whole new accounts into our territories.

Nick Gage

Manager of Outbound Sales, Box


With ZoomInfo, Box has unlimited access to the most complete, in-depth , accurate and up-to-date market data intelligence in existence. And with features like Org Charts, that provide a visual map of a company’s organizational structure, and Alerts, which allow users to receive real-time customizable notifications on the accounts they care about most, Box now has a crystal clear window into all of their target accounts. Tasks that used to take two to five hours of employees’ valuable time each day, are now completed instantly.

Further, account lists that previously had to be manually uploaded individually could now be uploaded in bulk, and even streamlined and segmented by industry, region, technological stacks owned, company size, or any other granularity Box could imagine. “It was like adding whole new accounts into our territories,” attests Manager of Outbound Sales Nick Gage.

The Results

The Demand Gen team at Box is measured by the opportunities they create, and that’s where ZoomInfo provided the greatest windfall. With the time they save on prospecting and qualifying leads, Box’s team was each able to complete roughly a dozen more discovery calls per week.

With an improved success rate converting discovery calls to opportunities multiplied across the team, Box has seen a significant uptick in the amount of business and new recurring revenue generated through ZoomInfo’s robust data and offerings.

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