61% increase in opportunities created


The Challenge

Maria Velasquez, Director of Demand Generation, wanted to find a marketing solution that would improve NetSPI’s campaign outcomes, maximize ad spend by prioritizing target accounts, and create greater alignment between sales and marketing teams. Already a user of ZoomInfo Sales, Velasquez recognized that adding Marketing to NetSPI’s tech stack would equip her teams to create a more frictionless funnel from top to bottom.

“We wanted to be more targeted and focused with our audiences for paid advertising and, rather than operate out of assumptions, align ourselves more closely with our sellers. It was clear that Marketing could do that for us,” says Velasquez.

The Solution

The ability to create an audience for advertising with a few clicks in the Marketing platform has been a game changer for NetSPI. Target audiences are now created with ZoomInfo AirCover, instead of from guesswork or look-alike lists. Sales reps can hand-pick accounts for marketing to build campaigns around— within a single platform. This eliminates back-and-forth communications with excel sheets and pulls the sales and marketing teams into greater alignment. As a result, NetSPI creates a better experience for their prospects and can confidently serve up information that is more relevant to them.

“I announced AirCover at our sales kickoff earlier this year, and a couple of weeks after launching, we started seeing amazing momentum. Sales folks were saying ‘I AirCovered an account that I haven’t been able to book a meeting with, and now they are on our website and asking to book a demo,’” says Velasquez.

With AirCover’s targeted audiences, NetSPI is seeing better click-through rates on display campaigns compared to the rates of audiences built by LinkedIn.

Their teams are also using Marketing to prioritize accounts with In-Market Score, an AI-scoring model that automatically assigns each prospect a score based on their engagement activity. Engagement activity is tracked through website visits and intent searches. When there is a spike in intent, a Workflow is triggered to send a Slack message to NetSPI’s sellers. This automated action works at scale and sends alerts that clearly identify which engaged accounts should be prioritized.

“We’re able to share immediate feedback with the sales team by looking at the number of influenced accounts in the campaign report and watching the activity of the buying signals. These data points provide context for our reps and allow them to have more informed conversations with prospects,” says Velasquez.

The Results

Marketing has provided proof of validation that what the marketing team is doing is working. While the sales team remains focused on creating opportunities, marketing is an integral partner in expanding and improving those opportunities.

“As we established trust with our sales team, we started to have more conversations around how we process leads, how we move prospects through the sales cycle, and how we send feedback to marketing regarding poor-fit accounts or accounts that need more nurture. We’re working together, versus marketing working for sales or sales working without marketing support,” says Velasquez.

The teams’ collaborative efforts are yielding impressive results. NetSPI has seen a 61% increase in opportunities created from demand generation channels in Q1.