Cost per click has decreased 24% across all campaigns

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We spoke to Alchemy Cloud’s Head of Demand Generation, Holden Lewis, who shared the obstacles that led to his exploration of ZoomInfo’s Marketing platform. Operating in six major segments, Alchemy Cloud spans across several industries, including but not limited to: Beauty & Personal Care, Building Materials, Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers (CASE), Energy Systems & Materials, Food & Beverage, Industrial Chemicals, and Plastics, Packaging & Bio-Based Alternatives.

With a variety of industries to target, each with its own set of needs and specific problems, Alchemy Cloud tailors its marketing efforts to speak to each segment differently. Given the type of laboratory operations that benefit from a management platform like Alchemy’s, its ideal customer profile is well defined as well. This required a deliberate approach in determining best fit target contacts—the right roles at the right accounts.

Defining and sizing its Total Addressable Market was high-priority for Alchemy. As its sales team continues to grow at a rapid pace, getting reps up to speed quickly to learn about both the platform and target audience was a critical step in training and enablement.

With this in mind, Holden needed a seamless way to assess Alchemy’s total addressable market, and align his marketing and sales teams’ efforts on the accounts identified through that assessment. With a number of vendors claiming best-in-class sales intelligence, Alchemy Cloud also needed to cut through the noise and find a solution with an accurate and in-depth data ecosystem that would meet their needs for more niche markets.

“It would not have been possible for us to achieve the progress that we’ve had this year without the ZoomInfo ecosystem underpinning our efforts on both the marketing and sales sides. Plus, the easier it becomes for those systems to interface, the larger that benefit becomes.”

Holden Lewis

Head of Demand Generation at Alchemy Cloud


ZoomInfo’s Marketing platform checked off all the boxes for Alchemy. With access to the largest database of B2B data built into the platform, Alchemy Cloud could easily size its addressable market, sorting and searching companies by industry, size, revenue, and geography. “There’s a huge market and we had to divide and conquer it by relying heavily on the data that’s available with ZoomInfo’s ecosystem,” Holden shares.

Marketing’s audience creation feature has been another major value-add for Holden’s team. Alchemy can use buying signals called Intent data to narrow down potential customers and create an audience at the intersection of accounts that are a great fit for his solution and interested in the market. These audiences have helped Alchemy Cloud prioritize its accounts, align its messaging, and execute on value-driven marketing campaigns. The platform provides a single source of truth for both the sales and marketing teams and helps direct the sales team’s outbound prospecting efforts.

Using audiences based on Intent, Alchemy can be strategic about activating campaigns, timing them to when their prospects are actually ready to buy. This major cost savings avoids wasting ad dollars on the wrong people or those prospects that simply aren’t in the market at that time. By layering industry into audiences, as well as how often companies are visiting their website, Alchemy can be even more specific about their target audience. This also makes it simple to really personalize email or retargeting campaigns with tailored messaging that focus on the needs of the right audience–whether those are prospects in chemicals or cosmetics.

ZoomInfo’s wide dataset has helped Alchemy Cloud ensure that there are no incomplete or inconsistent records in its database, and that email campaigns are being sent to the right address. Holden explains how, “We are also using ZoomInfo’s Enrich feature to bolster our CRM—especially around accounts that may have been created before we began to use Marketing. It helps us ensure we have the best, most complete data across our entire database.”

The Results

Since implementing Marketing, Alchemy Cloud’s active campaigns have continued to perform extremely well, especially against industry standards. Alchemy’s clickthrough rates across all segments and audiences have quintupled on average, performing exceptionally well against industry and company benchmarks, and cost per click has decreased 24% across all campaigns. The company is also on pace to generate 3x sales qualified leads compared to this time last year.

“It would not have been possible for us to achieve the progress that we’ve had this year without the ZoomInfo ecosystem underpinning our efforts on both the marketing and sales sides. Plus, the easier it becomes for those systems to interface, the larger that benefit becomes,” Holden shared.

With access to the hundreds of thousands of Company and Contact records, ZoomInfo’s data has become a core part of Alchemy Cloud’s business model. “You can see ZoomInfo becoming critical infrastructure, in terms of just overall dataset, size, and quality.” The breadth and scope of ZoomInfo’s data has allowed Alchemy to focus on its highly specialized industries all in one database. Given the size of his team, Holden emphasizes “Especially with how complex our market is, and how diverse its needs are, it would not have been possible for us to progress the way we have without having this system to help.”

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