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Data hygiene was always a top priority for Integrate; however, there were several hurdles they needed to overcome when navigating deduplication efforts. One of the biggest challenges Integrate faced when deduplicating was ensuring that opt-out information was always retained on the surviving record. Integrate needed flexibility and control over what fields could be overwritten during a merge to avoid contacting opt-outs, breaches to compliance requirements–or fines and legal action.

Duplicates also made matching leads to accounts increasingly difficult to manage and a tedious process for reps. “We ran a process where they exported leads into Excel, used a formula to find matches, and then SDRs had to manually merge them into Salesforce. It really was a time-wasting exercise costing us opportunities and money,” Langford shares.

Integrate’s former solution for lead-to-account matching proved to be too complex and they didn’t have the resources to manage the process, so Integrate made the decision to drop lead-to-account linking altogether, and reps shifted their focus to individual leads. This created a disconnect within the operations of the sales team leading to multiple reps engaging with various people within the same account at different stages in the buying journey, which ultimately created confusion among contacts and lowered conversion rates.

Without lead-to-account matching and behavioral scores split across records, many records lacked key account information. Integrate had no way of retaining the most up to date scores or aggregating the scores across records when merging duplicates manually. This meant hot leads were not qualified and sat in their MAT–those that were not accurately prioritized went cold leading to lost opportunities.

Before using ZoomInfo, Integrate found it impossible to manually identify and preserve purposeful duplicates as part of a corporate hierarchy, at scale. Without robust routing capabilities, Integrate could not route leads based on account hierarchy or associated territories–a necessary process for Integrate’s account-based territory lead-routing scenarios. This ultimately led to experienced sales reps not being allocated leads, leads being routed to the wrong rep, and increased gaps in follow-up times.

“With ZoomInfo’s data orchestration platform, we are compliant. ZoomInfo helps track the opt-in and opt-out information such as dates of our customers’ activities in different regions to ensure we have the right legal record.”

Ashley Langford

Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Integrate


Integrate leveraged ZoomInfo’s data management platform to transform its data hygiene. They have been able to do this by automatically normalizing incoming records and enriching them with required data to enable deduplication. With this seamless deduplication process in place, Integrate was able to determine a best approach to handling surviving record and field values–this has helped them to continue to lift and scale their operations with the surety of ongoing regulatory compliance. Plus, they can now prioritize which parent or child account the lead matches, thereby removing unwanted duplicates.

After making the switch to ZoomInfo’s comprehensive OperationsOS platform, Langford shares how it “proved to be a better alternative to its main competitor for routing and lead-to-account matching, not only because it is more customizable & easier to use, but because it’s a full platform. In one webhook call, a record is enriched, normalized, and routed to the appropriate SDR, this is all before it even hits Salesforce.” By eliminating this time-consuming, manual account matching process for sales reps and streamlining it in one unified platform, leads can be easily identified, matched to the appropriate accounts, scored, and assigned directly to the account owner to drive more conversions.

With the help of OperationsOS robust routing capabilities, sellers have significantly improved speed to lead as records are automatically routed to the right reps, reducing confusion among both reps and customers. Leads can now be followed up by a single sales rep, creating efficiency in how Integrate approaches contacts and creates a more personalized experience for their customers. “We know more about people. We can define them, segment them, and send them only the information they are interested in,” Langford says.

Automating their data normalization, enrichment, and deduplication has laid the foundation for seamless lead-to-account matching as well. Not only has Integrate eliminated the time-consuming, manual account matching process for sales reps, but they can now identify and match leads to accounts, score leads, and assign them directly to the account owner to drive more conversions.

The Results

Ashley and her team at Integrate now have much more trust in their data, surety of compliance, and have retained the integral legal and historical information. “With ZoomInfo’s data orchestration platform, we are compliant. ZoomInfo helps track the opt-in and opt-out information such as dates of our customers’ activities in different regions to ensure we have the right legal record,” shares Langford.

Ashley now sees that sales reps are set up for success with complete incoming records with up-to-date information. Integrate can now expect up to a conversion rate of nearly 25% higher between the inquiry and the MQL stage simply by having clean and accurate data. More revenue opportunities are being driven by identifying the MQLs that have not made it into their CRM, so sales reps can continue to move them through the funnel.

With ZoomInfo’s all-in-one platform, not only does Integrate now have reliable data, but its overall database marketability has increased from 45% to 66% opening the doors to more opportunities to drive conversions. In tandem, eliminating manual data management processes has helped lift the effectiveness of Integrate’s sales team operations and saved up to 550 hours and up to $32,000 per rep as a result of clean data and automated deduplication efforts. Integrate is confident in its data and has set the stage to increase revenue in the long-term.

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