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Vectra is changing the way information assurance teams protect their most sensitive data by applying powerful artificial intelligence (AI) in the fight against cyber attackers.

Industry: Cybersecurity

The Challenge

Vectra knows data better than anyone. It has won multiple awards for its innovative use of AI to defend large enterprises’ data against threats and cyberattacks.

But data was also Vectra’s largest challenge. Vectra struggled with prospecting confidence, its talented team wasting hours each day on the “grunt work” of target account research like tracking down contact information, manually verifying it, and trudging through the time-sapping scourge of wrong numbers and email bounce backs.

As a result of this inaccurate and incomplete data, Vectra missed out on several promising growth opportunities, and the rest of its expensive tech stack – which needed reliable data to add real value – was failing to deliver the ROI Vectra expected.

In need of a different kind of data security, Vectra enlisted ZoomInfo.

The Solution

To support Vectra’s territory-specific, prioritized plan of attack, ZoomInfo provided not just the most accurate, in-depth, and up-to-date prospecting data in the world, but it’s powerful suite of search and targeting tools.

“ZoomInfo is embedded in all our workflows and processes,” says Derek Eid, Manager of Global Territory Development at Vectra. “We use ZoomInfo to enrich, qualify, and engage with every lead across all of our inbound and outbound sales efforts.”

Thanks to ZoomInfo’s native integration with Salesforce, Vectra is able to target, manage, and expand its accounts based on its existing territories. Its inbound leads (like trade shows and form submissions) are instantly enriched with key data points like, company size, relevant contacts, technologies owned, and more.

“Not only is our data hygiene vastly improved, but we can create advanced search criteria for specific campaigns,” explains Eid.

The Results

Vectra is using ZoomInfo data to plan and execute further expansion and growth into Europe and Asia. Specifically, ZoomInfo helps Vectra make educated decisions based on hard data like territory and average account size to quickly plan out new regions.

“We’re getting higher returns on our existing technology investments, and we’re seizing more growth opportunities due to our confidence in the accuracy of ZoomInfo’s data,” says Eid.

Today, each of Eid’s team of 15 global Vectra SDRs saves an estimated 3 hours every day of additional productivity thanks to ZoomInfo’s prospecting ease-of-use. And Vectra has big growth plans in mind.

“We’re currently hiring, and reps have literally told me they accepted our job offer because we use ZoomInfo,” Eid says. “It saves them that much time, and improves their chances of hitting their quotas that much more.”

We’re getting higher returns on our existing technology investments, and we’re seizing more growth opportunities due to our confidence in the accuracy of ZoomInfo’s data.

Derek Eid
Manager of Global Territory Development, Vectra

Prospecting confidence, higher returns, and more growth opportunities. That’s the power of accurate data. That’s the power of ZoomInfo.

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