About The Company

Stone is a leading provider of ICT Solutions to UK Public Sector and Private Sector organisations of all sizes. Its mission is to improve the education, health and quality of life of people in the UK through the use of technology.

Industry: Information Technology & Services

The Challenge

Stone Group, while widely successful in the UK, was looking to establish a greater EMEA footprint. The organization had plans to launch their award-winning IT asset disposal service across Europe via the Stone 360 application in the first half of 2021. However, they were held back by holes in their existing database and limited intelligence on their total addressable market.

“At that time we were leveraging a competitor of ZoomInfo to gather insights on prospects and existing customers. While they were able to supply us with a substantial number of company profiles in the UK, they only had contact data for less than 40% of those accounts. As we were looking to expand globally, we knew we needed a more reliable source of data especially for companies and contacts in Europe,” explains Jack Woolman, Director of Sales Operations & Business Intelligence at Stone Group.

The Solution

In search of an actionable source of dynamic data that could fuel their go-to-market strategy for European expansion, Stone Group turned to ZoomInfo. “We realized very quickly that ZoomInfo was leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. The breadth and depth of their database is unparalleled,” says Woolman.

Since bringing on ZoomInfo, Stone Group’s sales team supercharged their prospecting at every stage of the process. With ZoomInfo Stone Group’s sales team finally has a clear view into their best-fit prospects and they have the tools and technology to engage with them in a more efficient and effective way.

“Every member of the sales team that has a ZoomInfo license has been singing its praises. We not only have insight into our total addressable market but ZoomInfo gives us advanced filters and search capabilities that allow us to narrow down our target audience to who is truly the best fit and most likely to buy now. We’re also able to gain insight into the buying committee to ensure we are speaking with the right contacts who have the ability to make purchasing decisions.”

The Results

“With ZoomInfo fueling our prospecting initiatives, we’ve successfully launched a European division to bring IT asset disposal excellence to France, Germany, Holland and Spain,” explains Woolman. “Since bringing on ZoomInfo, we have effectively seen a 10% increase in our UK customer base”.

One key metric to their success is Contact Coverage, which refers to the depth and accuracy of the data that they have within their CRM. Historically, their contact coverage was around 60%. Over the last few months with ZoomInfo, they’ve seen their Contact Coverage shift up to 65-70% across all verticals. In fact, Jack believes that with the help of ZoomInfo, they’ll be able to reach about 90% of Contact Coverage within their CRM.

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