About The Company

Hire10 is dedicated to making a difference in the commercial construction industry by delivering hard to find construction management talent, fast.

The Challenge

Hire10 needed to grow. ZoomInfo provided the tools. Together they got the job done.

Hire10, a privately held Executive Search Firm focusing on the Commercial Construction Industry, knew that to grow business – it needed to accelerate lead generation efforts. The roadblock? The company’s manual approach to business development was a long, drawn-out process hindered by inaccurate data and a lack of direct dial phone numbers and email addresses. Instead, Hire10 needed large-scale, global access to quality prospect data. So, at the beginning of 2019, the team invested in ZoomInfo.

The rest is history in the making…

The Solution

With ZoomInfo, Hire10 sourced with ease, precision, and speed.

Founded in 2017, Hire10 worked hard in the early years and signed five customers. Since implementing ZoomInfo, the team added 27 new clients in only a few months. With ZoomInfo’s customized approach to recruiting, Hire10 was able to get granular and focus outreach on a sweet spot: high growth, middle market organizations that required recruiting services.

Additionally, Hire10 began supplementing popular hiring resources like Indeed and LinkedIn with ZoomInfo’s database – cross-referencing candidates in the market with accurate contact information.

“Because of ZoomInfo we’re no longer wasting time with lists of local and smaller clients. We now have access to an incredible data source that allows us to cast a wide net across the best companies,” says Ken Brown, Managing Director at Hire10. “Targeting the best means we are landing the best of the best. We went from having five regional clients to 32 stellar clients across the United States. The total sales of our client list are north of $8 billion. Because of ZoomInfo, I’m thrilled to say our future shines bright.”

The Results

ZoomInfo helps you source smarter.

Whether you’re sourcing for accounts or contacts, building your pipeline, or searching for passive candidates, access to continuously up-to-date data will help you identify, connect, and engage with both passive candidates and accounts of all sizes. With ZoomInfo’s database, you can optimize your recruiting efforts with access to deep, accurate insights into millions of the most qualified professionals around.

ZoomInfo allows us to automate what was formerly a lengthy, manual process. Now, we can engage and target a lot of people with exceptional precision.

Ken Brown,
Managing Director, Hire10
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