About The Company

Akorbi is a group of companies, based in Dallas-Fort Worth, specializing in providing enterprise solutions that empower companies to achieve success in the global economy.

The Challenge

Heading into 2020, Ed Cavazos, Executive VP at Akorbi, knew that the organization’s primary goal for the coming year would be to build and maintain a sizable pipeline. However, without the necessary tools and processes in place, this would be an impossible feat.

“No matter how talented your sales reps are, if you don’t provide them with the proper tools, they won’t be able to succeed,” stated Ed Cavazos, Executive VP at Akorbi.

“My responsibility is to create an environment where our sales and marketing teams can successfully build pipeline, engage with prospects and ultimately, hit their numbers. Without ZoomInfo, this would be impossible.”

The Solution

With ZoomInfo’s highly accurate and comprehensive information and insights, Akorbi’s sales and marketing teams were able to successfully increase pipeline and conversion rates, delivering measurable success to the organization’s bottom line.

“Target and bullseye are two different things. ZoomInfo helps us identify the target, and hit the bullseye,” said Cavazos. While both the quantity and quality of ZoomInfo’s database help Akorbi accomplish this, “It’s the features of the platform that allow us to work smarter and more efficiently,” said Cavazos.

Specifically, Akorbi leverages ZoomInfo’s Intent data to prioritize accounts within their TAM that are most likely to buy. “Not only are we able to see which accounts are surging with Intent but we’re then able to quickly identify the right titles within those accounts to follow up with,” explained John Freeston, Solutions Consultant at Akorbi.

With Scoops, Akorbi’s sales reps are able to stay up-to-date on relevant pain points and new projects happening within their target accounts. “ZoomInfo’s Scoops help drive my outreach efforts by providing real-time insight into what is going on inside the organizations I care about most,” stated Freeston.

Additionally, Akorbi’s marketing team uses WebSights to gain insight into which companies are visiting their website. “Not only does WebSights help us to determine which accounts to target and when; it also helps answer important questions like, ‘Is our website converting? What kind of companies do we get traffic from, and how frequently?,” explained Cavazos.

The Results

Since signing on with ZoomInfo, Akorbi has seen an increase in number of meetings scheduled, MQLs and pipeline generation.

  • A 100% increase in number of meetings set per week
  • A 150% increase in MQLs per week
  • A 2x increase in pipeline growth

Of these results, Cavazos says, “ZoomInfo brings us real value from a revenue perspective. At the end of the day the ROI we see from ZoomInfo is significantly higher compared to the other tools in our tech stack.”

“Lastly, it’s important to mention that the success we’ve found with ZoomInfo is largely due to the level of customer support and high-quality trainings we’ve received from the team. Each member of the team we’ve spoken with has been incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.”

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