About The Company

Pacific Energy Concepts (PEC) is North America’s most innovative energy optimization company. They deliver customized energy-efficiency solutions (LED Lighting, advanced controls, and Smart Motor systems) that go beyond energy savings. They enable commercial and industrial businesses – from Costco & IKEA to Reliance Steel & Alaska Airlines – “to run efficiently, save money, and work happy” all while reducing their carbon footprint.

Industry: Technology & Services

The Challenge

PEC wasted time searching the web and purchasing lists from different vendors to identify potential leads that fit the ideal customer profile. Their sales team relied on a more traditional selling method that included in-person introductions and meetings.

Rose Southwell, VP of Sales Operations and Marketing, was looking for a solution to automate the team’s internal processes and find prospects that are a good fit.

“Our process before wasn’t sustainable for long-term growth. Our Sales Engineers had to rely on in-person meetings or leads from events to build out their pipeline, which became increasingly challenging to scale over time,” said Southwell.

When Covid hit, their sellers needed to find and implement a new and more efficient way of identifying and engaging prospects – one that didn’t rely on face-to-face interactions. “Since we weren’t able to door knock as easily with COVID, we needed a new efficient and effective tool to find accurate contact information as well as identify new target businesses,” said Southwell.

After researching for tools to help automate the prospecting process, Southwell ultimately decided to add ZoomInfo to their tech stack.

The Solution

Pacific Energy Concepts found ZoomInfo to have the largest and most accurate database of insights, intelligence, and intent data needed to transform their prospecting strategy.

“Our Sales Representatives and marketing team use ZoomInfo to build recommended contact lists, run intent searches, and uncover business that fits within our ICP. We use the org chart information to pinpoint the correct contacts within an organization too, which has been a huge timesaver,” said Southwell.

ZoomInfo gives Pacific Energy Concepts complete visibility to the businesses within their total addressable market. They now have access to detailed insights and contact information enabling them to ensure they are prioritizing the right accounts, at the right time and speaking to the right folks with the right messaging.

“We’ve been really impressed with the depth of ZoomInfo’s database as well as the data accuracy. Both of these components were difficult to achieve with our previous process because they required manual research and fact-checking. Having access to features like Advanced Filters and Scoops has been a game changer for prospecting,” said Southwell.

“Adding ZoomInfo to our tech stack has drastically improved our internal processes and helped bring a lot more automation to what was once a very manual process,” said Southwell.


With ZoomInfo, Pacific Energy Concepts has access to a unified system of data, insights, software and integrations which provides them with complete visibility into the contacts and businesses that make up their total addressable market.

Pacific Energy Concepts has been able to save time and resources so they can focus their efforts on designing and developing energy efficient projects to help reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

“Since partnering with ZoomInfo, we’ve achieved a 53.42% increase in call to connect rate and a 60.75% increase in overall prospecting activities which includes emails, calls, and zoom meetings. Not only has our pipeline increased, but we’ve also been able to help our sellers save time researching and spend more time selling,” said Southwell.

The team at Pacific Energy Concepts is excited to continue using ZoomInfo as they expand their presence across North America and beyond.

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