$2 Million in Revenue After COVID-19

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Matt Bulloch, President and Founder of TentCraft, watched in real-time as the demand for his company’s services evaporated almost overnight.

TentCraft, a company that manufactures custom tents and structures for large scale entertainment events, lost $600,000 of their anticipated March revenue when the pandemic disrupted the event industry. “I realized in order to avoid financial disaster, we would need to pivot—and quickly,” explained Bulloch.

After realizing their quick-deploy tents and structures could be converted to emergency shelters for triage, coronavirus testing and overflow capacity, Bulloch told his employees that they were going to completely retool the company. They would pivot their core business to support the healthcare system and their products would help save lives.


With ZoomInfo already in their arsenal, TentCraft knew they had access to the deepest and highest quality B2B data intelligence in the market. “We had no experience selling to the healthcare industry but thanks to ZoomInfo we knew it would be possible,” explained Bulloch.

Already having experienced the power of ZoomInfo’s sales intelligence, Bulloch reached out to ZoomInfo to upgrade their subscription in order to get more data on healthcare and hospital administrators. “ZoomInfo said, we love what you’re doing and we’ll give you the additional access you need to support the cause,” explained Bulloch.

Thanks to ZoomInfo, TentCraft was able to quickly connect with decision makers at healthcare organizations. In the first month of the pivot, they went into contract with over 100 healthcare facilities—an industry they had no prior experience with.

The Results

TentCraft is continuing to create products that are doing good for people across the country. They have been able to retain their employees and prop up our business when it could have completely collapsed.

“COVID-19 completely disrupted our core business. Over $600,000 of revenue disappeared in March alone—but ZoomInfo allowed us to pivot with speed and agility. In the first two months of the pivot we booked over $2 million in revenue, and April was our largest revenue month of all time. Without ZoomInfo, this wouldn’t have been possible,” said Bulloch.

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