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Fresh off being recognized with several prominent industry awards, MindTickle was ready to shift its prospecting activities to larger, more valuable enterprise accounts.

But despite offering one of the most advanced sales enablement solutions on the planet, MindTickle found itself struggling to connect with the right stakeholders and decision-makers within these multi-tiered, opaque organizations.

Unreliable market intelligence data meant MindTickle’s talented BDRs were wasting their valuable time trying to flesh out accurate organization charts and stakeholders’ roles, track down up-to-date contact information to connect with them in the first place, and navigate the time-sapping maze of dead-end phone transfer after phone transfer when forced to call into a single general HQ. Further, MindTickle struggled to reliably identify new opportunities in specific territories due to unreliable and insufficiently granular data.

With time of the essence and a tremendous opportunity wasting away, MindTickle turned to ZoomInfo for powerful sales enablement of its own.

ZoomInfo’s Org Charts and the ability to match our personas is exceptional. The data is a BDR’s dream.

Steve Reyes

Lead Generation Manager at MindTickle


With ZoomInfo, MindTickle received instant access to the most complete, accurate, and in-depth market intelligence data and integrations in existence. MindTickle also leverages ZoomInfo’s many integrations to deliver data and insights directly into their workflows and supporting infrastructure.

With the ZoomInfo for Salesforce Application, the MindTickle team can access human-verified account, contact and buyer intelligence directly within their Salesforce instance. And rather than waste time manually researching and entering information, ZoomInfo integrates directly with MindTickle’s sales automation system, pushing contacts directly into the tool with just a click of a button.

Additionally, ZoomInfo’s HubSpot connector instantly completes all incoming records as they’re created with key data points, improving conversion rates, reducing email bounces and accelerating lead scoring activities.

The Results

“We needed better data top-down and laterally into these large organizations,” says Steve Reyes, Lead Generation Manager at MindTickle. “ZoomInfo’s Org Charts and the ability to match our personas is exceptional. The data is a BDR’s dream.”

And the results don’t lie. MindTickle’s team now enjoys a 100% improvement in call connection rate, and is able to make 3X as many calls per day thanks to ZoomInfo’s ability to connect them to the right stakeholder, the first time, every time.

MindTickle’s biggest boost has come in prospecting and cross-selling. “With ZoomInfo’s data, our reps are able to understand who the key buyers are before ever meeting with the client. This not only shortens research time, but broadens our account understanding. We’re now able to get to all stakeholders more quickly, shortening deal cycles and increasing deal sizes since reps are able to reach out to buyers at multiple locations and regions,” Reyes says.

“The data has increased our number of opportunities within each target account. It’s a gold mine.”

MindTickle’s territories are healthier than ever before, too. “We can now align accounts within our territory mapping based on any number of multiple, granular factors, like revenue, employee counts, technology owned, and so forth,” says Reyes. Now, each one of MindTickle’s BDRs can truly maximize his or her potential with the least amount of waste possible, all while never missing an opportunity.

This has allowed MindTickle to enact a truly robust account-based marketing (ABM) strategy, touching each key decision-maker within an account with tailored content targeted specifically for them. “We can now run full ABM plays against all of our target personas within key accounts,” says Reyes. “My team finally has the air cover they need.”

More visibility, more opportunities, and more revenue? At ZoomInfo that’s what we call sales enablement.

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