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Automate your data management to
create and maintain engagement-ready
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Data Deduplication

Match and dedupe to increase data quality

Begin your data cleansing process with custom, hands-off record matching and deduplication.

  • Automate deduplication with customized rules

  • Seamlessly merge and archive deduplicated data

  • Match leads to their correct accounts

  • Prevent bad data from entering your systems of record in real time

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Data Cleansing

Cleanse data of errors and inconsistencies

Transform records into a consistent, actionable format with a drag-and-drop interface.

  • Automate data corrections with pre-configured formatting

  • Normalize and standardize phone numbers, company names, ISO codes, proper case, and more

  • Transform data in bulk or in real time

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Data Enrichment

Get more data with multi-vendor enrichment

Funnel third-party data into your systems of record for a comprehensive customer view.

  • Leverage multi-vendor enrichment by connecting to any API-based data source

  • Customize what data gets enriched from which source with waterfall logic

  • Increase data completeness by enriching in bulk and in real time

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Lead Scoring

Segment and score to prioritize leads

Direct attention to the leads and accounts that will move the needle.

  • Create buyer segments based on job function, seniority, industry, and company size

  • Score any object based on any attribute

  • Leverage various scoring models including Account-Based Scoring, Intent-Based Scoring, and Multi-Dimensional and Composite Scoring

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Lead Routing

Efficiently route leads for faster conversions

Hand engagement-ready leads to the right rep at the right time to shorten your sales cycle.

  • Automate territory management and routing assignments

  • Manage SLAs with optimized, round-robin distribution using weighting and capping

  • Monitor the lead distribution process from a central dashboard

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“You’re in control when it comes to data management.

Ringlead provides you with the tools needed to truly maintain your data.”

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