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Segment and score accounts to activate quality leads, access accurate contacts, and close high-value accounts.


Create Instant Data Segments

Build Custom Scoring Models

Unlock Account-Based Scoring

Create Instant Data Segments

Speed up and simplify processes for lead management, territory planning, and campaign audience builds.

  • Build your data segments based on criteria such as job title, industry, and region

  • Auto-populate record fields in your CRM with your designated segment titles

  • Pull segments into routing workflows or use them to power your marketing and sales campaigns in real time and in batch

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Build Custom Scoring Models

Customize account scoring models using simple rules to calculate which leads, contacts, and accounts are best fits for closing more deals.

  • Define the best leads for your GTM strategy by scoring standard and custom objects based on your ICP criteria

  • Choose the scoring models to fit your needs — from attribute and aggregate to multidimensional scoring models

  • Customize your scoring model by assigning weights to your preferred input fields

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Unlock Account Based Scoring

Help your sales and marketing teams identify the right companies and decision makers with data-powered account scoring.

  • Push the most reliable, accurate data to your CRM to power your scoring models

  • Score leads based on ICP fit (demographic, firmographic, technographic criteria) and intent signals

  • Pull scoring models into routing workflows to route high-scoring leads and accounts to your best sales reps

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"With ZoomInfo, we have all the information we need up front.

We’ve been able to reduce the number of fields on our web forms—and at the same time, we’re qualifying leads faster than ever by appending fields like job titles and company size which are not included on our web forms."

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