[Whitepaper] Transforming the CRM From a System of Record to a System of Insight

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Data-driven strategies to increase sales and marketing effectiveness and drive actionable intelligence in the CRM

Countless companies make huge investments in CRM systems only to be left wondering why they aren’t experiencing ROI and value as expected. The culprit? Bad data.

Due to a failure to establish and maintain data quality, companies miss out on benefits like better conversion rates, more closed deals, and increased revenue. Instead, they end up with frustrated sales reps that distrust the CRM, a lack of actionable intelligence for sales motions, and wasted funds on implementation and service costs. 

Moreover, poor data makes it impossible to better target best-fit accounts, build robust audience segmentation, capture high-quality leads, automate sales motions, increase pipeline performance and forecast accuracy, and maximize upsell and cross-sell opportunities—all necessary to win in today’s competitive market. 

To make the most of your CRM system, commit to data quality, completeness, and actionability—or risk being left in the dust.

Download this exclusive whitepaper for best-in-class approaches to:

  • Source, cleanse, and fill in data gaps
  • Automatically enhance data based on key attributes and events
  • Activate data to power artificial intelligence-based go-to-market orchestration