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Reify Health provides cloud-based software that helps accelerate the development of new, life-saving therapies. Their software, StudyTeamTM, connects biopharmaceutical companies with research sites to solve one of the most persistent challenges in healthcare: enrolling patients effectively in clinical trials. The company works with the majority of the top-10 global biopharmaceutical companies and over 4,000 research sites worldwide.

Industry: Healthcare Software

The Challenge

With the rise of the pandemic in 2020, trade shows and industry conferences were canceled. Attending trade shows, speaking at conferences, and partnering with major pharmaceutical companies are key elements of Reify Health’s sales and marketing strategies. With the pause of live events, the Reify Health team was seeking alternative ways to reach their target market.

“The pandemic challenge at that time was heightened by data inefficiencies stemming from our existing data vendor,” states Josh Penzias, Sales Operations Specialist at Reify Health. “Our bounce rates were higher than ever before, which put our sender score at risk. We needed a way to effectively generate new leads while simultaneously enriching and enhancing data from past and future event lists.”

The Solution

At the beginning of 2021, Reify Health made the switch to ZoomInfo to get more reliable and robust contact data.

One common pain point experienced by trade show sponsors is that attendee lists are almost always plagued with holes—from missing contact information to gaps in company data. The Reify Health team now leverages ZoomInfo’s data enrichment solutions to expand upon their existing event and trade show lists, ensuring that they are following up with the right people and providing them with valuable content.

“While our main use case was to help marketing with lead generation, our sales team quickly realized the benefit and value ZoomInfo brought to the table. Our sales team was impressed with the level of insight that the tool provides. Additionally, they were excited about the opportunity to have access to cell phone numbers, especially in a time when no one was in the office.” Reify Health’s sales team also credits ZoomInfo’s ReachOut Chrome Extension for helping them work more efficiently and effectively.

The Results

With the help of ZoomInfo, Reify Health gets its messaging and content in front of their target market—a challenge with workforces shifting to work from home.

“With ZoomInfo, we’ve been able to increase the odds of reaching our target customers, augment the information that trade shows provide, and gain a more complete view of those prospects. It’s been very helpful, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Since bringing on ZoomInfo, we have seen a 38% increase in pipeline growth. It’s a reliable database that acts as a central source of truth for both our sales and marketing teams. It’s been a great win for everyone.”

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