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Wiss is the go-to accounting and growth partner for more than five thousand private companies. Wiss’ solutions range from tax, audit, and law firm services to comprehensive business advisory including staffing, mergers, acquisitions, and personal finance consulting.

Industry: Business Services

The Challenge

When businesses began to hire again after the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition for placing top tier talent was at an all time high. Kevin Kurtz, Partner of Recruiting at Wiss, was no stranger to the peaks and valleys that come with finding exceptional talent and sought out a solution to fill Wiss’ 120 open roles with a lean team of 3.

As the number of open roles at Wiss were steadily increasing, Kurtz found himself needing extra support. He had two options in this situation: outsource the firm’s recruiting efforts or identify a solution that would allow him to reach potential candidates quickly and effectively.

Wiss’ recruiters opted to bring on ZoomInfo’s TalentOS solution which would arm them with the talent intelligence and automation needed to fill their pipeline, streamline workflows and keep their sourcing activities in house.

The Solution

Initially, Wiss was solely utilizing LinkedIn Recruiter and Indeed for their sourcing efforts. While those were both helpful as stand alone tools, they were not effective when it came to identifying and targeting C-suite level candidates. This is what ultimately led Kurtz to ZoomInfo’s TalentOS solution.

“There is value in both LinkedIn Recruiter and Indeed, but when I’m searching for VPs, and C-level candidates, it’s not the most effective channel. On the other hand, TalentOS has proven to be an extremely powerful resource when searching for senior level candidates. It goes above and beyond,” explained Kurtz.

To ensure Wiss continues to drive efficiency and effectiveness across their recruiting strategy, they utilize TalentFlows, a TalentOS feature that enables them to create and send multi-touch automated email sequences to candidates. “The ability to automate our candidate outreach not only saves us time but it improves our connection rate,” explained Kurtz. “As a recruiter, it is important to be politely persistent. Having access to performance metrics from TalentFlows, such as email open rates, allows me to be more strategic and prioritize folks that may not be responding but are showing interest.”

Wiss is also leveraging TalentOS’ ReachOut Chrome extension to recruit more intelligently, boost productivity and expand its sourcing options. “LinkedIn might help me identify a potential candidate but sending an InMail isn’t an effective way to get that person’s attention. With ReachOut, my connection rate has vastly improved,” said Kurtz. “Once I land on a LinkedIn profile that I’m interested in, I use ReachOut to quickly extract their contact information and then reach out to them directly.”

The Results

Today, Wiss turns to TalentOS’ candidate intelligence data to discover the right talent, start conversations that cut through the clutter and ultimately build meaningful connections with top-tier contenders.

“We’ve got a small but mighty team. Efficiency is extremely important for us to be successful which is why we benefit so much from having access to TalentOS. It allows us to do more with less. I view it as having another recruiter on my team, except it’s a lot more cost efficient,” explained Kurtz.

“If we would have had to outsource in this market with this demand, we would have paid a million dollars in agency fees. We are proud to be one of the few public accounting firms in the New Jersey and New York City area that does not rely on third-party recruiters to supplement our talent. I give a lot of credit to ZoomInfo and TalentOS for enabling us to uphold that badge of honor.”

Not only has Wiss saved time and money by not outsourcing their recruiting efforts, but they’ve been able to maintain an impressive 90% employee retention rate. “We’ve been able raise the bar when it comes to the level of talent we’re bringing on. With TalentOS supporting us, we’re surrounding ourselves with the right people and have grown by 88%,” explained Kurtz. “The people we are bringing into this firm are making a difference which for me is so exciting and rewarding,” said Kurtz.

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