About The Company

Ryder System, Inc. is a leading logistics and transportation company which specializes in fleet management, supply chain management, and transportation management.

Industry: Transportation

The Challenge

Dave Stone, Senior Director of Freight Brokerage at Ryder, was hired in 2020 with a mission to expand the freight brokerage arm of the company and drive significant improvements to the bottom line through innovative changes. Recognizing the need to embrace digital selling and move away from traditional methods, Stone aimed to revolutionize the sales process at Ryder.

To evaluate the effectiveness of Ryder’s tech stack, Stone conducted a comprehensive audit of their sales process. During the evaluation, he discovered the sales team was wasting valuable time on manual tasks such as researching potential prospects and verifying contact data. As a result, Ryder initiated a pilot program in collaboration with ZoomInfo to compare the quality and quantity of data to competing Sales Intelligence vendors.

“The two most important variables for measuring impact during the pilot period were the number of times sales reps connected with decision makers and the aggregate count of net new customers,” explained Stone. “Every single rep that was a part of the pilot program said that this tool was a game changer for their business.”

“After trial and error, it became evident that if you don’t have best-in-class data fueling your tech stack, then everything else suffers. This is when we turned to ZoomInfo to provide us with actionable insights, robust integrations, and the opportunity for automation.”

The Solution

In addition to ZoomInfo’s SalesOS platform, Ryder was keen on consolidating several existing point solutions, including Gong and Yesware. Stone comments, “ZoomInfo has become our one-stop shop for fueling our go-to-market engine. We did a deep dive from a financial perspective and found it nearly 35% cheaper to invest in ZoomInfo’s product suite rather than pay for multiple piecemeal solutions.”

Today, Ryder’s sales team is using Engage to improve prospecting efficiency and incorporate sales automation into their outbound strategy. The combination of SalesOS and Engage helps Ryder’s sales team identify and connect with more prospects, close more business, and capture every interaction that happens in between. “Our sales reps are using Engage to build automated multi-touch prospecting campaigns and scale communications. They need this tool, want this tool, and truly look forward to using it,” said Stone.

Using ZoomInfo, Ryder’s teams have access to the data and software they need to connect with and close their most valuable buyers — all in one operating system.

The Results

ZoomInfo played a crucial role in maximizing Ryder’s productivity, accelerating their pipeline, and achieving impressive growth. “Since implementing ZoomInfo, Ryder has increased net new logos by an astounding 25%. The value we get has proven to be tenfold our investment.”

In the first year of implementing ZoomInfo, Stone and his team reached their goal of breaking into the top 100 freight brokerage rankings. In year 2, they climbed all the way to the 64th spot. Moving forward, ZoomInfo looks forward to supporting Ryder achieve continued growth.

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