About The Company

ResellerRatings gives voice to millions of shopper experiences and helps more than 3,500 retail brands promote discovery, build trust, and increase conversions through an integrated suite of user-generated content (UGC) tools.

Industry: Information Technology & Services

The Challenge

Christina Kay, Vice President Marketing & RevOps at ResellerRatings, is responsible for defining and implementing the technology, data, and strategy behind her organization’s small but mighty Go-to-Market (GTM) teams. “Our sales and marketing teams might look lean but that doesn’t mean we operate small,” explained Kay. “I’m always searching for new ways to do more with less.”

Prior to ZoomInfo, ResellerRatings was struggling with inefficiencies across their GTM teams. “There was too much time being wasted searching the web for potential leads and uploading them to our CRM, one by one. It wasn’t an effective workflow,” explained Kay.

Leadership’s determination to alleviate these challenges is what ultimately led them to ZoomInfo.

The Solution

With ZoomInfo, ResellerRatings has been able to equip their GTM teams with best in class data that maximizes productivity and accelerates pipeline.

ZoomInfo’s integration with Hubspot has reduced manual efforts across their team by standardizing crucial data points and streamlining the way data is piped into their CRM. “Since bringing on ZoomInfo, we’ve experienced a 90% reduction in time spent on non-selling activities,” explained Kay. “We went from spending an inordinate amount of time on manual tasks to automating everything from data entry to lead scoring and routing. This freed up our sales team to dedicate more time to making connections and closing deals.”

In addition to driving efficiencies, ZoomInfo has been an invaluable resource in ResellerRatings’ quest to better understand their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). “ZoomInfo’s integration with HubSpot has turned our CRM into a system of insight. We are standardizing the data flowing into HubSpot which allows us to maintain a consistent database and gives us a clear picture of the characteristics that make up our best customers. In turn, we are using that insight to prioritize the accounts we want to go after,” explained Kay.

With a better understanding of their ICP, ResellerRatings is now leveraging ZoomInfo’s Intent offering to hone in on best fit prospects who are actively searching for a solution like theirs. “This strategy has been tremendously effective in generating new business. In fact, 19% of our closed won business was sourced directly from ZoomInfo,” shared Kay.

“We are no longer wasting time on manual tasks or targeting the wrong fit accounts. As a result, we’re seeing much higher engagement.”

The Results

“If you have a lean team like ours, you can still keep up with, and even outpace your competition. You just need to find effective ways to get more out of your existing team members. For us, the most impactful way of doing this has been giving them access to ZoomInfo,” said Kay.

In terms of onboarding, ResellerRatings has seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of time it takes to ramp up new employees. “Thanks to ZoomInfo, our BDR and CSM teams are up and running in a matter of days rather than months. It has cut down on time spent researching our competitive landscape and getting familiar with the industries we sell into.”

“ZoomInfo isn’t the only intelligence tool we have used but it is the only one that has worked for us. We are confident in the data, integrations and automation because we’ve seen first-hand the impact it can have on a team like ours.”

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