About The Company

National Recruiting Network is in business for two main reasons: to operate with 100% transparency and to provide world-class recruiting at an affordable cost.

Industry: Recruiting/Talent Acquisition

The Challenge

National Recruiting Network opened their doors less than two years ago with a mission to provide a better recruiting and hiring experience for clients at an affordable cost. In the months following, business began to take off as The Great Resignation created one of the hottest labor markets in history sparking an all-time high demand for talent.

To keep up with demand, Andrew Streets, Managing Partner of National Recruiting Network, began searching for databases that could help support his business in finding, reaching and connecting with talent at scale. “At that time, we were extracting candidate information from various sources and storing it in excel spreadsheets. It was an incredibly tedious and time consuming task. Searching LinkedIn and manually scouring the web wasn’t cutting it. I needed access to a robust candidate pool,” explains Streets.

With the goal to maximize revenue and optimize processes, Streets sought out to find a solution that could provide best-in-class data, actionable intelligence, and automation needed to speed up and scale recruitment efforts.

The Solution

National Recruiting Network turned to ZoomInto to help them find and reach great talent, faster. “With ZoomInfo supporting us, we have been able to build a robust talent pipeline and with the addition of Engage we’ve automated our candidate outreach and engagement,” said Streets. “We no longer have to waste time on manual tasks like searching for contact information or sending one-off Inmails. We now have everything we need to support our clients’ hiring needs.”

National Recruiting Network serves clients across all industries but some have proven to be more challenging than others. “Many of my clients are from the plastic and manufacturing industries, which can be tough to hire for because they require talent to have very specific expertise and education. But, with ZoomInfo’s Advanced Search functionality, I can now get really granular with my searches to narrow in on a pool of candidates that fit those specific requirements.”

Once Streets feels secure with the talent he has identified in ZoomInfo, he turns to Engage to automate the outreach process. “I set up specific sequences in Engage that speak to the different roles I am trying to fill and then send those out to the candidates I’ve sourced from ZoomInfo. Having that data and automation at my fingertips has saved me hours per week,” said Streets.

With Engage, Streets is able to understand how each sequence performed. “Engage’s reporting functionality gives me the ability to see what messaging is working for the different audiences I’m targeting. I take these insights and apply them to my next email, optimizing my workflows and processes as I go.”


Since bringing on ZoomInfo, National Recruiting Network has been able to grow their candidate pipeline, scale their outreach efforts and expand their customer base.

“Prior to ZoomInfo, I’d reach out to 100 candidates and I’d consider myself lucky if I received 1 reply. Today, my connection rates are up 25%. I’m no longer playing the guessing game, I know the data I’m working with is accurate and that the systems I’m using are effective,” said Streets.

National Recruiting Network has also seen a 50% reduction in manual efforts since bringing on ZoomInfo. “I finally have more time to do more of what I love, which is connecting with people and building relationships,” shared Streets.

“In February 2022, we had our best month yet. I’m reducing time to hire, giving me more opportunity to take on more clients. We are generating substantial revenue, all thanks to ZoomInfo.”

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