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MarketSpark is the leading provider of analog replacement solutions for the enterprise. Its cloud-enabled platform helps companies escape the pitfalls of legacy telecom infrastructure by replacing static, costly copper telephone lines (POTS) with a managed wireless solution that is 5G ready. The majority of MarketSpark’s customer base is comprised of Fortune 500 companies in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, finance and distribution thanks to its turn-key solution and the complete visibility into customers’ life safety and operational systems it provides.

Industry: Telecommunications

The Challenge

Consumers have largely transitioned from POTS (plain old telephone service) lines to more modern technology, but thousands of large enterprises still rely on these old-fashioned copper lines to support life safety systems such as elevators, fire panels, burglar alarms, and more.

“There are 6 million commercial buildings across the United States,” explains Robert Kulewicz, Chief Growth Officer at MarketSpark. “Businesses with these brick and mortar locations have to figure out how to transition their complicated life safety systems from POTS lines because they will be obsolete in the next 5 years.”

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) provides updates on its website for the decommissioning of POTS lines but the information is difficult to track, especially for enterprises that have many locations across the US.

MarketSpark provides enterprises an alternative to the costly and complex rip-and-replace scenario by retaining their existing infrastructure and migrating those POTS connections to a compliant, data-driven software solution.

“Our focus is on large enterprises with over a hundred physical locations in the US. Why is that important? Because those are the companies with the biggest risk and impact from the thirty million POTS lines being deprecated,” says Kulewicz.

“The challenge for us was, how do we quickly and accurately identify enterprises with this problem,” continued Kulewicz, “and then how do we present the issue and solution to them intelligently?”

For MarketSpark’s analysis, it was critical to know the precise location of each of its prospect’s buildings, the density of those buildings within a given geography, and how many employees work at each site. Since Enterprises don’t share this information publicly, MarketSpark needed a solution that could deliver highly detailed, location-level data to guide their prospecting strategy and fuel their risk analysis engine.

The Solution

MarketSpark partnered with ZoomInfo’s Data Services Team to create a personalized Company Data Cube composed of comprehensive firmographics like company name, address, employee count, and revenue.

“Out of the solutions we considered, ZoomInfo’s Data Cube had the most comprehensive and accurate dataset by far,” says Kulewicz. “And ZoomInfo’s team was willing to help us understand how we could ingest that data and manipulate it effectively.”

Thanks to ZoomInfo’s native integration with AWS, MarketSpark received the Data Cube directly within its Amazon S3 cloud storage platform. This saved considerable time and resources versus manual data ingestion, driving faster time to insight.

“Our systems run on AWS, as do many of our customer’s systems. We have a high degree of trust in the platform from a security standpoint,” states Kulewicz. “These are large files too, so ZoomInfo’s integration with S3 makes it substantially easier to utilize the data effectively.”

MarketSpark combined the Data Cube with information from the FCC to run its analysis in S3, then built an interactive map that visualizes a location-based risk assessment for each prospect.

“Through analysis of ZoomInfo and FCC data in S3, our business intelligence team was able to identify 30,000 companies that are great prospects for our solution,” says Kulewicz.

MarketSpark’s map gives its prospects an unprecedented view into the impending impact of their legacy infrastructure.

“If you’re an IT director at a large Fortune 500 company, there’s almost no way you’ll be able to decipher the POTS decommission information from the FCC to understand which of your sites are at risk,” explains Kulewicz. “With ZoomInfo’s data and the analysis in S3, MarketSpark can provide clarity and direction.”

In addition to using the Data Cube for analysis, MarketSpark leverages ZoomInfo SalesOS solution to drive efficiency for its sales team. SalesOS maximizes productivity by identifying ready-to-buy prospects through intent signals and providing accurate contact information for decision-makers that match MarketSpark’s ideal customer profile.

The Results

Fueled by ZoomInfo’s Company Data Cube and Amazon S3, MarketSpark’s POTS risk analysis map provides critical differentiation in a competitive market.

“Without ZoomInfo’s Data Cube, we would have to present mock data to our prospects and, like our competitors, focus more on basic feature benefits and functionality,” says Kulewicz. “The message is far more compelling when we’re able to present the customer with the real and exact addresses at risk.”

With ZoomInfo’s data to drive targeting and inform insightful sales conversations, MarketSpark has experienced a notable uptick in pipeline and conversion rates.

“There’s no question ZoomInfo has significantly impacted our revenue,” states Kulewicz. “We’ve been able to 5x our growth in terms of both MQLs and SQLs. And with 5x the deals in the pipeline, we’ve seen at least 5x the revenue opportunities.”

The company also anticipates substantial future opportunities with its burgeoning customer base due to the rise of IoT applications requiring fast and secure networks like MarketSpark’s.

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