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Chartered with driving mid-market expansion, David Carter, Vice President of Marketing at Safety Services, envisioned building a high-growth and highly-automated go-to-market function, but a major hurdle stood in the way: limited, unreliable company and contact level data. Not only did this blind spot create a challenge for creating mature and intelligent marketing campaigns, but the lack of data intelligence also hurt sales effectiveness.

“I was brought on over a year ago to build a robust B2B marketing function, and to do so, I needed intelligent data,” said Carter. “Since that time, we’ve tried a number of different data vendors. You name it, we tried it. However, we never found one source that could offer us the data, insights and technology that we needed to be successful.”

Without deep, reliable data, it would be tough for Carter to improve sales outreach and even harder for him to build out the sophisticated, inbound marketing program that he envisioned. To solve this challenge, Carter set out to find a solution that would provide trusted, high-quality data and detailed insights to improve segmentation, targeted messaging, and sales outreach, all supporting his efforts to generate marketing-sourced revenue and drive mid-market expansion. He also wanted to achieve all this without introducing lots of manual work for employees.


Impressed by the quality, depth, and breadth of ZoomInfo’s data—and the simple setup—Carter was confident ZoomInfo was the right choice to fuel Safety Services’ marketing and business development campaigns and growth objectives.

“When we found ZoomInfo, I felt a sense of relief. Not only was their data best in class but they also had additional insights and features that piqued my interest. The more I learned about their offerings the more confident I was that ZoomInfo would be the right platform to help us build and launch an intelligent marketing function at scale,” explained Carter.

Carter was especially interested in ZoomInfo’s intent offering which is designed to notify you when companies are showing above-average web browsing activity on the topics that are most important to your business. “ZoomInfo’s intent data gives us insights into which organizations are most interested in our solution, at this very moment. And, what’s really great about ZoomInfo is that we were able to work with them to create custom intent topics that are unique to our needs.”

Prioritizing accounts spiking on their custom intent topics would be imperative, but with limited bandwidth, Carter was worried that manual processes would take away from actionable efforts. “My team is small, so any opportunity for automation is extremely helpful. That is why I was so interested in ZoomInfo’s Workflows feature which offers a set it and forget it solution,” explained Carter.

The Results

Workflows uses the power of ZoomInfo’s deep database to automatically fire off the best contacts to sales and into marketing campaigns, at exactly the right time. “We’ve set up actionable triggers based on the companies visiting our website and those spiking on our custom intent topics. ZoomInfo looks at these companies and then identifies the contacts from these accounts that align with the title specifications that most closely match our buyer personas,” explained Carter. “From there, the contacts are used to fuel our nurture programs.”

When setting up Workflows, Carter was able to define specific criteria that would automatically direct the different contacts into specific nurture campaigns. As part of this, he was able to build out custom nurture paths for mid-market prospects to ensure they received highly targeted messaging. “There’s a lot of growth potential for us in the mid-market, and with ZoomInfo we have the data and processes in place to successfully tap into these prospects.”

“The time savings with Workflows has been incredible. It has allowed me to step out of the day-to-day, tactical tasks and spend more time on strategy. It opens up more time for me to explore other potential lead sources and programs.”

In leveraging ZoomInfo for data intelligence and automated workflows, Carter is now building out the marketing function that Safety Services needed to penetrate the mid-market. “With intent, we’re identifying the companies and contacts most ready to buy, warming those leads, qualifying them and then routing them to sales.” As a result, Safety Services increased MQLs by 200% in its first month of using ZoomInfo.

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