15,000 new contacts + more than 100 opportunities and warm leads



Filling seats for every game and event is an ongoing challenge. Each year the Rockets’ sales executives are on a mission to recruit a broader audience of potential ticket buyers. They wanted a platform of trusted company and contact data that could also surface buyer intent signals and save time on research.

“We needed a way to quickly break into new accounts. Because we sell B2C, we could no longer rely on LinkedIn or hours spent on researching to find new contacts. When we were introduced to ZoomInfo’s Sales, we were confident it would help us hit our revenue targets by expanding our reach to a new pool of potential buyers,” says Houston Rockets’ CRM Administrator, Robert Rodriguez.

“When we were introduced to ZoomInfo’s Sales, we were confident it would help us hit our revenue targets by expanding our reach to a new pool of potential buyers.”

Robert Rodriguez
Houston Rockets’ CRM Administrator


Thanks to the seamless integration between ZoomInfo Sales and Salesforce, the Houston Rockets’ sales team is saving time on segmenting net new accounts. They are quick to pursue lists of warm leads by applying Salesforce CRM filters directly in ZoomInfo Sales to exclude existing accounts.

“Our sales reps are constantly identifying new contacts in Sales by using the Advanced Search filters. They search by industry, location and events, then import that list into Salesforce and continue their outreach from there,” says Rodriguez.

On the operations side, Sales supports the team’s efforts to build prospecting campaigns based on assigned segments or industry. The segmentation feature connects sales reps with best-fit contacts at the opportune time and with new data points about the target account.

Additionally, Houston Rockets’ CRM data is continuously enriched with data points, such as industry and revenue, to determine best fit contacts and opportunities in the Houston area. For example, they’ve been able to specifically identify groups visiting Houston for upcoming events who may enjoy an outing to the Toyota Center.

“We’ve been able to reach more than just single game buyers. We are no longer stuck cycling through our existing leads because ZoomInfo allows us to reach businesses who have never visited the Toyota Center. In return, we then have access to groups of twelve or more employees who can become new leads,” says Rodriguez.

The Results

With a strong data foundation and Sales, the Houston Rockets are on track to hit their target revenue goals. They’re using ZoomInfo to achieve two main objectives: deploy successful marketing campaigns with cleaner data and connect faster with key decision-makers. The team has uncovered more than 15,000 new contacts and introduced them to the Toyota Center, resulting in more than 100 opportunities and warm leads.

“The ROI is there, there’s no doubt about it. Our current revenue is far beyond our contract cost and that’s enough for us,” says Rodriguez.

“We are very happy with the consistent benefits that ZoomInfo offers. Being able to find new contacts by applying the Events filter in our search has helped us elevate our outreach efforts. We know that we are always working with clean data, which helps with our segmentation and lead acceleration.”

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