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With a foundation rooted in relationships, the insurance industry fosters long-term connections. However, in a constantly evolving world, businesses strive to scale insights into new opportunities and emerging markets, constantly building towards improvement.

“In a relationship-based industry such as insurance, in-person events and conferences are extremely valuable to developing connections and promoting business.” explains Ansley Cartwright, Marketing Coordinator for Brown & Brown. “Amid the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to safely host in-person gatherings and were passionate about finding new ways to engage with our customers and continue developing our business.”

At that time, Brown & Brown gathered a majority of leads from in-person events such as conferences and meetings. “We became dedicated to digitalizing these relationships and continuing our connections amid a socially-distanced world.” This challenged Brown & Brown to explore the best strategic elements to employ in order to create a standard of success in a time of uncertainty.

“Since bringing on ZoomInfo, we’ve seen an increase in booked meetings by 208%. We have worked to strengthen leads and take our in-person relationships to an online environment increasing conversion rates.”

Ansley Cartwright

Marketing Coordinator at Brown & Brown Insurance


“Prior to the pandemic, we were utilizing contacts from in-person events to generate leads. As data decayed, we pushed for a better way to maintain information, access updated contacts and keep up with our connections. With ZoomInfo, we are now able to efficiently identify companies and contacts that fit our different ICPs in a matter of minutes,” said Cartwright.

Now that Brown & Brown’s Risk Solution team has a fully-developed reliable data source to identify key accounts and prospects, they’ve been able to adapt to unprecedented times and create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns. By using specific and relevant messaging that is strategically designed to resonate with recipients, Brown & Brown is able to continue building relationships with their customers and growing their business. “Our bounce rates have dramatically decreased and engagement has significantly improved. This increase in activity has led to conversations with net new logos. We are confident in our ability to efficiently and effectively reach our target audience with ZoomInfo information as we continue to create meaningful marketing campaigns,” said Cartwright.

In addition to utilizing ZoomInfo to find net new leads, Brown & Brown leverages ZoomInfo’s automated enrichment capabilities to ensure the data within their systems is constantly accurate and up-to-date. “ZoomInfo enriches our database, ensuring that our data is both actionable and reliable. This allows us to create a much more holistic perspective when viewing our customers and prospects.”

The Results

With ZoomInfo fueling sales and marketing initiatives, Brown & Brown’s Risk Solution team has been able to actively streamline workflows, maximize productivity and grow revenue. “Sales and marketing are working off the same database aligning efforts to accelerate pipeline and close business with the customers we value most,” explained Cartwright.

“Since bringing on ZoomInfo, we’ve seen an increase in booked meetings by 208%. We have worked to strengthen leads and take our in-person relationships to an online environment increasing conversion rates,” explained Cartwright.

“Our sales cycle is roughly 2.5 years. With ZoomInfo, we have been able to streamline and shorten the business development cycle taking our time frame from six months to get a first meeting to one month through advanced touchpoints.”

“Covid changed our world overnight and stressed the importance of a digital business environment. ZoomInfo complemented the transition allowing us to quickly adapt and make significant improvements to better our business for customers, teammates and communities.”

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