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Master Your Data for an Accurate, Unified Customer View

Learn more about how our market-leading match rates, match accuracy, fill rate, and fill accuracy empower customers to tap into actionable data they can rely on.

  • Foundational Data

    Foundational Data

    Identify customers across channels and infuse your CRM, MAP, cloud data warehouse, or other systems of record with the most accurate and actionable data on the market.

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  • Comprehensive Company Data

    Comprehensive Company Data

    Tap into our global database of companies from the smallest ‘mom and pop’ shops to the global enterprise covering firmographics, hierarchies and technographics — all built using our patented technology.

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  • Contact, Intent and More

    Contact, Intent and More

    Go beyond just company data to get the full customer picture with the world’s best contact data, streaming intent, and scoops, all from one platform.

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Data Access

Get The World’s Best Data, Anywhere, Anytime

Integrate comprehensive B2B data into any system or workflow, in the format of your choice through cloud data shares, APIs, flat files or orchestration apps.

  • Data Cubes

    Data Cubes

    Gain access to ZoomInfo’s entire database of continually refreshed Company and Contact data – delivered how, when and where you need it.

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  • APIs and Webhooks

    APIs and Webhooks

    Leverage our comprehensive APIs & Webhooks to integrate ZoomInfo data and intelligence into any workflow or system, in real time and at scale.

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  • Data Services

    Data Services

    Our dedicated data services managers are here to support your custom data delivery and data modeling needs.

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5 Ways Go-to-Market Teams Use Data as a Service

Nearly every organization recognizes the value of commercial data to drive critical business decisions. Yet, most struggle with three core functions:

  • Sourcing high-quality B2B data
  • Unifying and enriching multiple data sets
  • Leveraging the data for optimal GTM results

Data as a Service (DaaS) solves each of these challenges with a modern approach to business data. This ebook will show you how in eight different enterprise go-to-market use cases.

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Ready, Set, Integrate

Speed up your go-to-market motions by switching from complicated B2B data ingestion to modern data management.

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  • Access ZoomInfo’s Data Cubes directly in AWS, Google Cloud, Databricks, or Snowflake – or through another system via flat file delivery

  • Ingest, combine, process, and analyze ZoomInfo data for a variety of use cases, such as:

    •  Modeling and scoring
    • Building and deploying AI/ML models
    • Creating interactive data visualizations, and more
  • Get more mileage out of your data by combining first- and third-party data within your data and analytics engine


“Our systems run on AWS, as do many of our customer’s systems.

We have a high degree of trust in the platform from a security standpoint. ZoomInfo’s integration with S3 makes it substantially easier to utilize the data effectively.”

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Robert Kulewicz

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