Get premium insights that deliver priceless conversations

With ZoomInfo and Chorus, reps crush quotas, managers coach like pros, leaders make informed decisions, and everyone hits their number.

  • Drive-consistent-strategies
  • Create-a-blueprint-for-sales-success
  • Uncover-areas-of-improvement
  • Own sales enablement

    Deliver coaching, feedback, and insights to your reps to maximize outcomes from every conversation.

    • Onboarding: Shorten ramp time by giving new team members access to a library of your best calls and moments.
    • Coaching & Skills Development: Improve win rates through targeted coaching and specific examples. Rate rep performance and leave personalized feedback. Auto-surface coaching opportunities based on your training initiatives.
    • Measure the Impact: Quickly assess if reps ask the right questions, articulate next steps, involve multiple stakeholders, prescribe the right products, and execute on directives.
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  • Leaders
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer-Success

“We’re making stronger, data- driven decisions and being smarter about who we prospect.

As a result, my sales reps are crushing their numbers. Bringing on ZoomInfo has been the best decision we’ve made.”

Josh Stern, Senior Sales Operations Manager