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Enable Customer Obsession.

Embed real customer conversations and interaction insights into everything you do.

Understand critical customer pain points

Inform objection handling

Win more competitive deals

Capitalize on insights from customer conversations

Understand shifting market dynamics

Measure how often features are mentioned by your customers and the impact it has on stage conversion and deal outcomes. Inform your Product and Marketing teams, so they know where to focus roadmap priorities, collateral, and training resources.

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Objection handling

Gain a competitive edge

Understand when and how often competitors come up in your deals with AI-driven, patented trackers so you can provide your team with the support they need to win more deals.

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Actionable insights

Speak your customer’s language

Weave the voice of the customer into your website, emails, and ad campaigns through in-depth conversation insights to show your prospects you understand their pain points.

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Knowledge Sharing

Democratize access to voice of your customers

Give every part of your organization first-hand access to your customer’s voice to drive outside-in thinking. Easily share feedback and questions with relevant teams to win deals faster with Comments and Smart Playlists.

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Once I understood the impact and value of the intelligence Sales was surfacing from Chorus, a light bulb went off. We tested different keywords and cadences to understand what would best indicate an opportunity was truly influenced by our partner program.

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Mike Stocker
Mike Stocker

VP of Strategic Partnerships, RollWorks


Partner Attribution Rate with Chorus

JJ F, Vice President of Sales & Success
Great for Coaching and a lot more!

We use Chorus for call coaching, which is really helpful in today's remote environment. We've also looked at their scorecarding functionality for the same purpose. We share snippets across the various teams. Send snippets to marketing when discussing competitors, send them to product when feedback or enhancements pop up, send them over to engineering when product issues arise. Super helpful sharing the voice of the prospect/customer across the company.

Ashley W
Ashley W, Associate Training Manager
starstarstarstarhalf star
Very Helpful Platform - Would Recommend

The insights we get from Chorus, such as average talk time, average filler words, and their actionable tagging features, make training and enablement a breeze. On the admin end, it's easy to add teams in a hierarchical order and create specific permissions based on what the team needs to see. The salespeople have implemented the platform easily since Chorus automatically connects to Zoom and it truly only provided positive benefits to them. Lastly, I love that Chorus feels like a partner to our organization. We work with our rep regularly, which of course is helpful, but as a new member of my team I was able to speak with her about best practices and get comfortable enough to hold my own training on the platform within the first 3 months of using it.

Laura O
Laura O, Account Executive
starstarstarstarstar is my #1 Asset

I joined my company a few months back, and as I've been onboarding, the tool that has helped me grow the most, without a doubt, is Being able to not only listen to other team members' calls to learn from them but to listen to my own calls has been an integral part of my learning and ramp process. I prepare for every single one of my calls by listening to other people's similar calls. I also utilize listening to my own calls as a part of my sales motion. It helps me be completely present during calls that I don't have to take notes. I can ask better questions and be fully present. I also have a tool to look back and see how I'm growing and what areas I need to work on. 10/10 would recommend to anyone in sales.


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