Capitalize on insights from customer conversations

Understand shifting market dynamics

Measure how often features are mentioned by your customers and the impact it has on stage conversion and deal outcomes. Inform your Product and Marketing teams, so they know where to focus roadmap priorities, collateral, and training resources.

Objection handling

Gain a competitive edge

Understand when and how often competitors come up in your deals with AI-driven, patented trackers so you can provide your team with the support they need to win more deals.

Actionable insights

Speak your customer’s language

Weave the voice of the customer into your website, emails, and ad campaigns through in-depth conversation insights to show your prospects you understand their pain points.

Knowledge Sharing

Democratize access to voice of your customers

Give every part of your organization first-hand access to your customer’s voice to drive outside-in thinking. Easily share feedback and questions with relevant teams to win deals faster with Comments and Smart Playlists.