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An executive recruiter with more than 28 years of experience and more than a thousand assignments fulfilled, David Perry knows high-value, high-pressured recruiting situations better than most. A well-known name in executive search circles and labeled the “rogue recruiter” by the Wall Street Journal, Perry is the author of several books and articles.

Industry: Executive Recruiting

The Challenge

Finding the right needle in a stack of needles

To find the best candidates for his clients, Perry requires detailed and extremely accurate data on companies and professionals — and it must be in one place. Searching and exporting data from multiple sources is far too time-consuming. Information on executives, as well as middle managers, is another must have. And extensive, deep search capabilities are paramount — all the data in the world is no good to Perry unless it can be easily searched and sorted by keywords and across multiple criteria. And it must be easy to download.

The Solution

Extreme targeting with ZoomInfo’s advanced search and deal-closing details

Almost a decade ago, Perry learned of a new company that had started gathering business data and creating B2B profiles. A beta tester for what later became ZoomInfo, he became hooked and he’s been a customer ever since. ZoomInfo is the only tool Perry uses to prospect. He relies on it to create the perfect short list of executive candidates for his clients’ open positions and also to prospect potential customers for his firm.

From the get-go, ZoomInfo saved Perry time and money. “ZoomInfo helps me work smarter,” Perry explained. He once challenged a business partner to see who could fill a C-level position the fastest. His business partner posted a carefully crafted job description on LinkedIn and ran ads. He was inundated with more than 750 applications.

ZoomInfo is a market changer. It’s the only place that has large amounts of reliable data, and it’s up-to-date all the time.

David Perry, Perry-Martel International

Perry used ZoomInfo’s advanced search features to contact board members of similar companies for referrals to win the race.

“My partner lost four months of his life and got nowhere. He had more than 700 people call, email and text him. For all that time and effort, he had four quasi-qualified candidates,” Perry recalled. “It took me three days to find the exact guy we needed.”

Because ZoomInfo includes extensive work histories on professionals, Perry also uses it to gets the inside story on his potential clients. He can quickly determine who recently left the prospective company, contact those people and get the lay of the land.

“It’s very hard to search by former employers on other services. But on ZoomInfo, I can produce a list of the right people in milliseconds,” he said, adding that he gets honest conversations from past employees, allowing him to quickly glean valuable insights. That’s one of the tactics he counsels job hunters to do in his book Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0.

Perry is a big fan of ZoomInfo as opposed to social networking. “I can get direct emails and direct phone extensions immediately on ZoomInfo. I don’t have to use LinkedIn’s mail tools to get permission to talk to people or to be introduced. I don’t have time for that!”

Since ZoomInfo includes profiles on multiple levels of employees within an organization, Perry also finds ZoomInfo perfect for reference checking.

He asks candidates to provide 12 references. “I’m looking to see who they give me, because I already know who they’ve worked with,” he explained. “If they don’t give me the people that I’m expecting, it’s a red flag.”

The Results

Huge time savings, a competitive edge and business growth

Being able to quickly complete candidate searches with ZoomInfo has not only helped Perry provide an excellent service to his clients, it has also allowed him to snag business away from larger executive search firms. Powering his business on ZoomInfo has led to significant business growth for Perry.

“With ZoomInfo, I can do in 10 minutes what once took my staff of two researchers the better part of three weeks,” Perry said. He’s convinced that no other resource can help him do his job any faster or better than ZoomInfo.

“In the old days, the currency of a search firm was the size of its database. Now, who cares? What ZoomInfo has done is level the playing field,” Perry said. “I don’t have to spend $50 million or 50 years gathering info. It’s already there. ZoomInfo is a market changer. It’s the only place that has large amounts of reliable data, and it’s up-to-date all the time.”

“When you’re a recruiter, you owe your client your absolute best effort,” Perry concluded. “And to do that, you have to use the best tools. ZoomInfo is fantastic.”

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