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Novo is a full talent lifecycle partner, providing talent acquisition and talent management solutions for organizations of all sizes. As Human Capital experts, Novo also provides practical consulting services for all stages of your talent’s lifecycle.

Industry: Recruiting/Talent Acquisition

The Challenge

Novo Group was spending valuable time going to a myriad of sources for marketing intelligence, passive candidates and contact information.

Finding up to date contact information for passive candidates and reliable market intelligence is always a challenge. It’s no secret that recruiters are a notoriously busy people, so having to go to multiple sources to find enough accurate information was a huge drain on Novo Group’s time.

Novo Group, Inc. has a passive candidate fill rate average of 60% across all of their client openings, and working with fragmented information was decreasing efficiencies in maintaining this industry-leading average. In an effort to maximize operational efficiencies, Novo Group went on the hunt to find a data partner that would help streamline their candidate sourcing and market research efforts.

The Solution

ZoomInfo was the only data provider that could meet all of Novo Group’s business needs with one tool.

“ZoomInfo is consistently updating their candidate database to include accurate contact information and career data. This helps Novo Group to maintain our reputation and passive candidate fill average,” said Tony Stemen, Research & Sourcing Manager at Novo Group.

Novo Group’s Research & Sourcing solution is a unique differentiator in the marketplace. When selecting research tools, Novo Group needed a solution that would be able to support all of the industries and clients that they service.

“ZoomInfo provides accurate business contacts, industry information, and market intelligence across all industries. Mix that with a great representative that helped us to better understand the product, and we have found that ZoomInfo is a great tool to utilize for our Research & Sourcing solution,” remarked Stemen.

The Results

Novo Group saw incredible efficiencies in their daily workflow after partnering with ZoomInfo.

According to Wendy Diez, Research Consultant at Novo Group, “ZoomInfo has saved me a ton of time when finding contact info. The information is more accurate and recent than other sources I was using and I can find who I’m looking for about 90% of the time.”

In only four months since partnering with ZoomInfo, Novo Group has invigorated their talent pipeline with over 2,000 new candidates, with a portion of those individuals already filling positions.

“In the simplest of terms, this has been an incredibly affordable tool that has had a major impact. The results have been positive as we have been able to locate market intelligence and passive candidates for every client industry vertical that we serve.”

Tony Stemen,
Research & Sourcing Manager, Novo Group
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