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Demodesk empowers every sales rep to become a top performer – by guiding sellers in real-time, automating non-selling tasks, engaging customers in the meeting and analyzing insights at scale. Demodesk automatically loads the perfect playbook into every customer meeting, so reps are equipped with the right slides or web apps to present, talk tracks and battle cards on the spot. Based in Munich, Germany, Demodesk’s automation solutions are improving the lives of sales representatives across Europe, the U.K., and the United States.

Industry: Software

The Challenge

Demodesk’s sales team was looking to build a more efficient and streamlined outbound strategy. At the time, their sales team was wasting time manually researching prospects and uploading information into their CRM. As you might imagine, this process was tedious, time-consuming, and not always accurate.

Stephen Williams, Director of Business Development at Demodesk, was looking to spearhead the process of finding a best-in-class solution to fuel his team’s outbound efforts.

“At the time our SDRs were manually researching accounts and contact details which was slowing down productivity. To scale, we needed data-driven insights and buying signals that could help us quickly identify contacts at best fit companies that are looking and ready to buy.”

After researching different solutions to fulfill the sales team’s needs, Demodesk brought on ZoomInfo to help automate the sales processes and uncover new opportunities.

The Solution

With ZoomInfo, Demodesk’s sales representatives are now armed with actionable data and buying intelligence that allows them to seamlessly identify and strategically target accounts. As a result, Demodesk has been able to optimize and streamline their sales process, increasing the team’s overall productivity.

“We’re able to get very specific with the criteria we use to build targeted lists within ZoomInfo. So, not only do we now know who we should be targeting, and how to get in touch with them but we have added intelligence on these accounts which allows us to personalize our outreach and have more relevant conversations.”

“And, with the added value of ZoomInfo’s Intent data, we’re able to understand which accounts are actively searching for a solution like ours. With this intelligence, we have a headstart against the competition and we’re setting ourselves up for success by understanding which accounts to prioritize.”

Additionally, Demodesk has leveraged ZoomInfo’s integrations with Salesforce and their Sales Automation software in order to further automate their internal processes. “With ZoomInfo’s Salesforce integration, we’re able to seamlessly infuse business intelligence across our sales and marketing workflows. As a result, our teams are more aligned and have more time to sell and market more effectively with greater insights.”

The Results

Partnering with ZoomInfo has enabled the teams at Demodesk to better prospect and target the right customers with the best messaging.

“Our representatives are required to upload five new accounts and 25 new contacts into our CRM every day. What once took two to three hours per sales rep, has now been reduced down to only 10 to 15 minutes. Not only have we saved a significant amount of time, but the quality of these conversations is much greater thanks to the insights we get from ZoomInfo’s Scoops and Intent data.”

Access to ZoomInfo’s robust database has also enabled Demodesk’s Marketing team to enrich trade show lists and fill in the gaps to help make their marketing campaigns much more relevant and personalized. As a result, all of the teams across the organization have more time in their day to generate, nurture, and convert more opportunities in their sales funnel.

“Since bringing on ZoomInfo, we’ve significantly shortened the time it takes our reps to source data. ZoomInfo has been a great way of being able to not only manage our accounts in a way of making sure they are fully enriched, but also in knowing who we should be speaking to within an organization. As we continue to use ZoomInfo, we’re excited to develop an even deeper understanding of the businesses we sell,” said Stephen.

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