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Sisense seeks to drive meaningful change in the world by making it easy for businesses to infuse analytics everywhere and help people be better at their jobs. Sisense provides an AI-driven platform that any company can use to drive better, faster decisions, for their business and their customers.

Industry: Software

The Challenge

In today’s world, B2B companies are investing time and resources into fewer, but more sophisticated tools in order to streamline their systems, improve workflows, increase productivity, and ultimately see stronger return on investment.

Stas Daszkiewicz, Senior Director of Information Technology and Program Management at Sisense, is no stranger to the complications and frustrations that stem from an oversaturated tech stack. “When an organization brings on too many overlapping technologies there comes a point where productivity and adoption begin to suffer.”

“Over the years we had purchased a variety of solutions to remedy isolated problems across the business. In terms of cost and inefficiencies, this turned out to be an expensive mistake,” explains Daszkiewicz.

As a result, Sisense’s sales and marketing teams were left working off disconnected datasets which led to a lot of unnecessary confusion and frustration. With the goal of alleviating these pain points amongst their go-to-market teams, Sisense kicked off a company wide initiative aimed at evaluating and consolidating the different point solutions within their tech stack.

The Solution

When it came to assessing the different business intelligence vendors in their tech stack, Sisense opted to host their own “Data Bake Off”. The experiment was designed to test the quality and quantity of 5 competing data vendors.

“We were looking to understand the value and volume of the information from each vendor,” explained Daszkiewicz. “We also wanted to verify the accuracy of the insights, and ultimately reveal how those data sources and technologies would enhance our business in the long run.”

In the end, Sisense found ZoomInfo to be head and shoulders above the competition. Daszkiewicz explains they choose ZoomInfo for three major reasons: data quality, product adoption and the opportunity to further optimize existing workflows.

“ZoomInfo consistently outperformed its competitors during the evaluation. In every test we ran, ZoomInfo came out on top,” explains Daszkiewicz. Sisense also experienced an overwhelming push from their sales reps to keep ZoomInfo which was validated when evaluating their user adoption rate with each tool. “The allegiance our employees had to ZoomInfo far outpaced that of any other tool.”

Lastly, Sisense realized the variety of solutions available in ZoomInfo’s product suite would allow them to further consolidate their tech stack. “With ZoomInfo, we have access to a unified system of data, insights, software and integrations that allow us to further consolidate our tech stack and maximize our investment.”

“Everything ties together with ZoomInfo and the process is seamless which has been critical for me and my team.”

The Results

With over 200 ZoomInfo licenses, all of Sisense’s Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams rely on ZoomInfo to drive their most important initiatives.

“When it comes to generating pipeline, whether it be through outbound or inbound efforts, ZoomInfo is behind the scenes driving those initiatives,” explains Daszkiewicz. “Additionally, we are leveraging ZoomInfo’s marketing solutions to optimize our webforms and increase conversions. From there, ZoomInfo’s data orchestration tools enrich each lead and route it to the appropriate team.”

“In my role, I am responsible for making sure we are making cost effective solutions that work for everyone and ZoomInfo allows me to do just that,” says Daszkiewicz. “With ZoomInfo in our arsenal we were able to eliminate several point solutions and consolidate a number of use cases under one roof. So far, this has saved us over $300,000 a year.”

“You could say we’re all in on ZoomInfo.”

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