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Nehemiah Security has built its sterling reputation with enterprise-level clients, taking the mystery out of large scale cyber risk quantification. But, with a complex outbound marketing strategy that relied upon precise targeting of non-traditional personas, the success of Nehemiah’s global campaigns was at risk.

A stale, outdated contact database meant that Nehemiah could not easily map and pull the personas it was interested in, and its account targeting capabilities and bounce rates were suffering as a result.

With a cutting edge cybersecurity solution and looking for the right prospects to engage, Nehemiah Security turned to ZoomInfo.

We’re not just ‘keeping the lights on’ better than before. We’re planning for future growth, thanks to ZoomInfo.

Anna Pleshakova

Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Nehemiah Security


Nehemiah Security needed a robust, reliable, accurate data solution that could deliver the up-to-date granularity to power its persona-based prospecting activities. It got that and more with ZoomInfo.

“We operate by putting a value on a firm’s cybersecurity risks, then targeting non-traditional personas at those accounts. Our old database was stale and outdated, so the personas and titles I wanted did not even exist,” says Anna Pleshakova, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Nehemiah Security. “Once we implemented ZoomInfo, our data accuracy improved dramatically.”

That unmatched data quality is courtesy of ZoomInfo, who delivered Nehemiah access to the most accurate, detailed, and up-to-date prospecting data in existence. Now, Pleshakova can pull the exact lists and personas she wants to target, with absolute confidence in their contact information.

The Results

As a result, Nehemiah’s successful connect rates have skyrocketed. Email bounce rates have dropped from roughly 30 percent to well below 5 percent, duplicate phone rates fell from 8 percent to just 3 percent, and campaign response rates are now 14X higher than historical levels.

“Our old data had us in jeopardy of being blacklisted,” Pleshakova says. “Now we’re connecting with exactly who we want to talk to, every time.”

And thanks to the granular accuracy of ZoomInfo’s data, Nehemiah is able to split-test its messaging by personas and titles, conducting valuable market research about what resonates with prospects in the process. Combined with smart integrations that automatically update Nehemiah’s Salesforce data when a contact moves around within a target account, or leaves it entirely, ZoomInfo is helping make sure Nehemiah is always optimizing, always improving, and always selling.

“We are able to search accounts by the right persona and NAICS code within an easy to use interface allowing us to connect with the customers where we know there’s a significant need for our cyber risk analytics platform,” says Mike Knox, Senior Vice President of Sales at Nehemiah. “The ZoomInfo database has helped us meet with over 50 new customers per month up from 30/month before we became customers.”

Now, Nehemiah is prospecting and engaging target accounts with the same efficiency and precision that its security solutions have always provided to clients. The positive impact is overwhelming. Since implementing ZoomInfo, Nehemiah has seen a 514% increase in total opportunities created; the quality of those opportunities has also improved, resulting in a MQL-to-Opportunity rate jump from 10 percent to 33 percent. What’s more, a far greater percentage of Nehemiah’s prospects are actually engaging and qualifying themselves, as click-through rates (CTR) have leapt from 1 percent historically to over 5 percent with ZoomInfo.

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