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In a world that is centered around customer satisfaction and instant gratification, brands know how important it is to provide a world-class customer experience. A subpar experience can make or break a customer’s loyalty and overall satisfaction.

Just ask Michaela Bulling, the revenue enablement supervisor at Hudl, a leading sports technology company that empowers athletic teams to find the right insights they need to achieve their goals.

“At Hudl, I am responsible for enabling our Global Support team. This means making sure our support representatives receive ample onboarding so we can guarantee every customer receives the best experience possible. This is especially important as we scale and our product catalog continues to grow,” explains Bulling.

Along with this change came a need to shift many of the core processes within Hudl’s Support team. Bulling realized that there was a need for change as the systems and processes being used to carry out their support function were no longer equipped to scale.

“Google Docs and Google Forms were no longer going to cut it. We needed a robust solution that would allow us to understand the voice of the customer and ensure we were delivering a world-class support experience,” says Bulling.

In order to take their support strategy to the next level, Bulling and her team began looking for a solution that could help them keep a pulse on quality assurance across the Support team, appropriately route product feedback, and enable seamless cross-functional collaboration.

“Chorus brings customer conversations to life. We’re getting more data on how we can improve our product and improve our processes across the board. Chorus analyzes the data for us so we have a clear picture of each team member’s performance. It helps us evaluate the things we care about most.”

Michaela Bulling

Revenue Enablement Supervisor


After testing a few different solutions, Hudl ultimately chose for its robust functionality that would directly help optimize their customer support processes, onboarding and training processes, and streamline the product feedback loop.

Chorus is ZoomInfo’s Conversation Intelligence solution backed by 16 technology patents that leverage proprietary machine-learning to ensure every interaction counts. Chorus is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), utilizing Amazon S3, Aurora, EC2, and FSx to ensure optimal availability, reliability, and performance.

“After trying some different solutions, we decided that we needed a more intuitive and easy-to-use solution. I’ve heard of other support teams using Chorus and they’ve all had a wonderful experience in building out their own processes and felt their needs were supported. It was an easy decision to move forward with Chorus.”

Today, Hudl leverages all aspects of Chorus’ product offerings, from Scorecards that help deliver effective coaching to their support representatives, to Smart Playlists that auto-curate calls into a playlist when a specific topic is mentioned (i.e., customer feedback).

“We’ve set up four Scorecards that we use to measure the effectiveness of each support representative and the quality of service they are delivering to our customers,” said Bulling.

Prior to Chorus, it would take about two hours for the Hudl management team to evaluate each support representative with a very manual process of analyzing calls and logging manual notes. Now, with the power of Chorus’ Scorecards, Hudl’s management team executes evaluations in just 30 minutes, giving them 75% more time back in their day.

“Chorus analyzes the data for us so we have a clear picture of each team member’s performance. It helps us evaluate the things we care about most, like a support representative’s ability to say the right thing and resolve issues in a timely manner.”

Hudl has also improved cross-functional collaboration since incorporating Chorus into their tech stack.

“We set up Smart Playlists to catalogue calls whenever negative feedback is shared. This helps us to automatically track information and acts as a resource for our product managers to dig into and hear the customer’s voice firsthand. Adding that human element along with the data has been huge for our product team, and ultimately helps minimize risk and mitigate churn as customer concerns are addressed in a timely manner,” said Bulling.

Additionally, with Chorus’ tagging feature, Hudl’s support representatives are able to route specific requests to other support representatives, engineers, or product teams, where necessary.

“The ability to tag team members in specific calls has been monumental in helping our support team meet SLAs and decrease the time it takes to resolve a question or concern. For example, when a support representative needs some guidance on how to best resolve a customer’s question, they can simply @mention their colleague to bring them into the conversation. This drastically helps speed up our time to resolution.”

The Results

Hudl has significantly improved the scale and quality at which it can conduct support evaluations with Chorus.

The Support team can now onboard new representatives faster, maintain and improve quality assurance with smarter coaching, get ahead of risk sooner to mitigate churn, and listen to the voice of the customer first-hand, all within the platform.

“Chorus brings customer conversations to life. We’re getting more data on how we can improve our product and improve our processes across the board.”

Not only has the team simplified their processes, but they’re also saving a considerable amount of time that can now be spent serving the customer.

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